The Paths of Lorien

Author: CC

Nominator: unknown

2004 Award Category: Genres: Drama: Romance - First Place

Story Type: Other Fiction  ✧  Length: unknown

Rating: R  ✧  Reason for Rating: sexual innuendo

Summary: The twins go to Lorien and Lindir finds love .

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Reviewed by: Larian Elensar  ✧  Score: N/A

The twins are such boys! Proud of themselves for not riding with the adults, and at the same time, planning future mischief. Of course, they can't even get into Caras Galadhon without a crisis happening. Then Lindir and Haldir--they're interesting. Both of them are quick to deny to themselves, and everyone else, that intitial attraction they have for each other. I'm guessing that denial will continue, and won't be good. Now they're trying to avoid each other. I'm curious though, if Haldir is protecting Orophin or Lindir by vowing to watch them? I still think this is an interesting premise, that Lindir dreams and Haldir is in them...there with him too. Of course, they're both still denying any connection, I can't believe that something like that has happened to either of them before, so why they don't acknowledge it is beyond me. Or maybe they are just scared. Now, the twins and their little spats, that's plausible. I think Elladan being upset with Elrohir is completely natural. He doesn't want to lose his twin to someone else. Okay, now I understand more of Haldir's reluctance. It's only natural that he should try to build a wall after that experience with Taron. I can see why he's trying to deny the attraction. He's not only protecting himself, he thinks he's protecting Lindir too. Ooh, Haldir, go ahead and make your pronouncements about never loving anyone, since even Amroth found mostly pain in it. It's not that easy *not* to love though, is it? Elladan is pretty perceptive in figuring out that Lindir likes Haldir, and that's why Lindir seem so reluctant to see him. And not to make Haldir sound bad, but the stuff the twins do really doesn't seem that bad to me, but I'm used to kids. *Grin* And for Elladan and Elrohir to be a bit intimidated by Haldir, well, I guess they could have gone the other way and try to annoy him, since youngsters seem to know when they are able to get under an adult's skin, and Haldir makes no secret that he sees the twins as a chore more than anything. I think he's lucky that the twins don't get it into their heads to do things purposely! And the whole theme shows up again--Lindir doesn't think Haldir could love him, that he doesn't deserve it, and Haldir is afraid to love him, that he'll end up hurting Lindir (or possibly even causing Lindir to die). Now, they just need to work it out. (I have a feeling it will take time!!) Oh, it's after the breakfast incident, and now Lindir is scared. I'm thinking if he doesn't want to fade, he won't. Silly of the others to scare him so badly though...silly of him not to tell someone what the real problem is. Guess silly is really just him being young. Well, too bad that Lindir had to get so sick, but now it's all starting to come into the open. About time! After lots of help, it seems that Haldir and Lindir are together, though there are still secrets between them. Well, secrets from Lindir. And the twins, they'll have to control their emotions and sharing them...oh, and deal with jealousy. If one of them finds someone before the other, they're in for a rough time.

Reviewed by: Mirasaui  ✧  Score: N/A

This story and Soledad's 'Innocence' were one of the first I read about the elf, Lindir. Both made such an impression that Lindir has remained one of my favourite elves. CC weaves a beautiful tale of romance between Haldir and the minstrel, the marchwarden scarred from the tragic death of an over zealous friend, and Lindir from the gruesome deaths of his parents. The story is one that cannot be put aside once started. The plot builds as Haldir blatantly ignores the song of his soul mate, dooming Lindir to suffer the grief and fading of a broken heart. It is almost too late, when Haldir realizes his folly, but he does and the ending is happy. This is a classic romance, a wonderful story, one of my all time favourites.