Elf, Interrupted: Book Two: Glorfindel's Quest

Author: Fiondil

Nominator: Ellie

2011 Award Category: Cross-Cultural: Elder Days - Second Place

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Novel

Rating: Teen  ✧  Reason for Rating: Violence

Summary: As the Reborn and the Returnees struggle to find acceptance among the Elves of Aman, Glorfindel sets out to find answers to his own questions, which will ultimately lead him back to Middle-earth. A continutaion of "Elf, Interrupted: Book One: Glorfindel Redux", picking up where the first book left off.

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Reviewed by: goldleaves  ✧  Score: 9

Elf, Interrupted: Book Two is an amazing novel which follows the emotions that Glorfindel and the other Reborn elves go through. It is believable and the original characters mingle perfectly with the existing characters. The reverence and annoyance towards the Valar is believable and real. The connections between Glorfindel, Sador and the other Reborns, as well as the 'Once-Born' is beautifully written making this novel a masterpiece of emotions and trying to find yourself in a world that doesn't understand, and doesn't want to understand and shows that how through preservation they can change the ideas and the very world around him. The relationship between Glorfindel and the other main characters are complicated because while with some he treats them as family; and with those he is the almost care-free reborn with volatile emotions, and with others he acts the intimidating lord who had vanquished a Balrog, and the different sides of Glorfindel work perfectly together as two sides of the same coin. This story has quickly become a favorite as it is written perfectly and portrays Glorfindel beautifully

Reviewed by: obsidianj  ✧  Score: 8

This is the second part to the story Elf, Interrupted. It is called book two, but both books go together and are really one big sprawling novel. Although Glorfindel is named in the title of this story, he is not the only main character. Glorfindel, Sador, Finrod and the other re-born elves come back to Aman as adults in body, but mostly children in their emotional maturity. They are all a mixed bag of sometimes wise and mature elves and then, from one moment to the next, they behave like little children to the consternation of parents and good friends who have not died before. Glorfindel and his friends are Reborn opposed to the Once Born. Emotions run high between these two groups that have difficulties dealing with each other, sometimes from ignorance and sometimes from fear. Throw in the Valar trying (and sometimes failing) to control the volatile situation and you get a highly intriguing story. The story is rich in well-drawn characters, canon and original alike. It helped me to see the world of the elves with new eyes.

Reviewed by: Kaylee Arafinwiel  ✧  Score: 7

EI2: Glorfindel's Quest is one of my favorite stories of all time (as is EI1, naturally). I love the way Fiondil has handled Glorfindel's Rebirth and growth through this saga as it's grown. Elf, Interrupted was one of the first stories on Stories of Arda I ever read, and I was hooked. The depictions of the Valar, Maiar, and Aman are the ones I take for my personal "canon", they're so close to what I imagine Tolkien would have wished. (Sometimes I think Fiondil's channeling the Professor.) The maturity of the Reborn (or immaturity, in some cases *grin*) is realistically done. The depiction of each canon character is perfect, (and by that, of course I don't mean the characters don't have flaws - they do - but that they make sense), and the OCs are so well written that they feel like canon characters to me. Both Elf, Interrupted tales and the related ones are worth reading, and re-reading, again and again. (Just be sure you have spare time - you won't want to put them down!!)

Reviewed by: Erulisse  ✧  Score: 6

My difficulty with this author is which story to review when I have no time to review all of them. EI2, however, is one of his many stories that caught me immediately and just wouldn't let me go. What is it about Fiondil that I love so much? I wish I could put my finger on it so that I could incorporate it into my own writing, but his characterizations are just spot-on for me and his slightly irreverent and temperamental Glorfindel is perfect. It is quite obvious that Fiondil loves his Glorfindel as much as I and anything he writes about him will always be a joy. This "education of an elf" is in-depth, to train this honored warrior to be returned to Middle Earth as a living symbol of the faith of the Valar in the elves and peoples of Endore. Read it, read EII, read everything that Fiondil has written. You won't regret it.

Reviewed by: Larner  ✧  Score: 5

Glorfindel has returned and found that many of his old skills are being honed by the Valar, although he cannot fully appreciate just why. But he is learning other things as well as how to hunt and track—for instance, that he alone in Aman has been unable to see the Star of Earendil in the night sky since he was reembodied. Why is this? And why is it first so terribly difficult, and finally so frighteningly simple, to visit Earendil and Elwing where they have taken up residence so far north of the other Elven cities? More self-discovery from our master of portrayal for the Valar and those Elves who we know were granted new lives after their deaths, mostly here in the Mortal Lands. Well done and engrossing.

Reviewed by: Ellie  ✧  Score: 5

elf Interrupted Book Two: Glorfindel's Quest is a fun novel-length story and an excellent read. It has mystery, intrigue, sorrow, humor, joy and discovery. The characters are well-developed and the plots and subplots keep the reader wondering what will happen next. I enjoy the wya Fiondil creates a character adn then the character shows up in his later works as does often also a reference to the situation. In order to more fully appreciate one of his novel length stories, it si often necessary to read all of them. This depth of shared knowledge between storeis makes his works that much better. It is always fun to read a story by Fiondil and this story definitely does not disappoint!

Reviewed by: agape4gondor  ✧  Score: 2

A riotous and well written piece. Not to be missed. Not all goes well for tge Elves in this tale, but the tension and fun are worth every hand-wringing moment.