A Simple Wish

Author: Claudio

Nominator: Oshun

2007 Award Category: Times: First Age and Prior

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Short Story

Rating: General  ✧  Reason for Rating: Very mild thoughts of slash.

Summary: One strange night in Doriath, Celeborn has an impure thought.

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Reviewed by: Oshun  ✧  Score: 9

This is a great story: funny, subtle, sly and inventive. Beautifully written--economical and lean and yet rich in undercurrents. The idea of taking an obscure (nearly unknown except for the geekiest of readers) canon character like Ithilbor and turning him into such a memorable individual is awesome. But then Claudio is always so imaginative and uses canon in the most delightful (disrespectful in the best sense of term) way. Love the manner in which he take sthe two personalities and developes them in this story and plays them off of one another in such thoroughly believable and humorous ways. To say this is not a typical interpretation of Celeborn is such an understatement. Like most of his stories it holds underneath a nearly cynical edge a profound humanity that always gives me a smile as well as laugh. It paints poor Celeborn as simultaneously longing, cautious, and apparently clueless and yet with more self-knowledge in the end the reader is led to expect. It gives us such a nice quirky twist with the ending. One of my favorite short stories of Claudio's and thoroughly statisfying on so many levels.

Reviewed by: Gandalfs apprentice  ✧  Score: 5

Here we have a vignette of Claudio at his best: the secret thoughts, told with a combination of a gentle chuckle and a knowing snicker, that beset most of us--those honest enough to admit it, anyway. Hey, if I was Celeborn, I'd want to get out and play sometimes, out of the reach of my formidable wife. A standout: Ithilbor licking his lips. So much is told in so few, so discrete words. Bravo! I wish I had more time to read Claudio's work--but my fanfic time is reduced to practically nothing these days. But I've enjoyed everything of his that I've read, and recommend his tales to anyone who likes emotional intensity--often not pretty--and more than a little wicked wit.