Author: Dwimordene

Nominator: Marta

2005 Award Category: Books/Time: The Silmarillion: Drabble - Honorable Mention

Story Type: Drabble  ✧  Length: N/A

Rating: G  ✧  Reason for Rating: n/a

Summary: Melian thinks about the joys of motherhood.

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Reviewed by: Thundera Tiger  ✧  Score: 4

I liked this very much. The story of Thingol and Melian has always been fascinating for me, and I loved seeing how Melian became connected to her form through motherhood. I really liked the idea that she had shaped many things but only now begins to understand the weight of those things beyond her will to shape them. Fascinating thing, motherhood, and fascinating exploration of it through a drabble.

Reviewed by: Elena Tiriel  ✧  Score: 3

This is a fascinating look at how Melian might have thought of her earthly body, and how bearing LĂșthien might have changed her view. I imagine that many pregnant women undergo a major change in body image; Melian's was just more profound than most, having started out insubstantial in her Maia form. Very well done!

Reviewed by: nerwen_calaelen  ✧  Score: 2

Very odd. On first reading, it gives a strong impression, but a degree of confusion. However the imagry is very clever and makes a kind of sence, but is still a bit strange seeming (if I am reading it correctlty).

Reviewed by: sulriel  ✧  Score: 2

It intriques me to think of the Maiar binding themselves to the flesh. I think the love of Thingol and Melian must have been very strong indeed.