A Tale of Feanor: A Light in the Darkness

Author: digdigil

Nominator: Rhapsody

2006 Award Category: Races: Elves: Feanorians

Story Type: Other Fiction  ✧  Length: Short Story

Rating: PG-13  ✧  Reason for Rating: There is some reference to sexual desire of a non-graphic nature, and some adult-oriented discussion. However, no actual sexual encounters take place in this story.

Summary: Fëanor has lost the three most important women in his life. This story attempts to explain that the reasons for his later actions may have been rooted in his feelings of betrayal.

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Reviewed by: Rhapsody  ✧  Score: 7

This story was a delightful discovery for me, in three short chapters Digdigil illustrates how the three women in Fëanors life played such an important role. Miriel forsaking him, Nerdanel leaving him and Galadriel refusing him something so very simple: a strand of her silver hair. On top of this all, this short story gives the reader a quick but sufficient insight on what happened in Feanor’s life and how he and his character traits had such a huge influence on the fate of the Noldor. For me this story is a very pleasant read, it leaves me wondering what about a lot of things…if matters would have taken a different spin. Digdigil writes the scenes with an eye for vivid details and this story is elegantly composed with very strong characterisations, I surely would recommend it to readers who haven’t read the Silmarillion yet, but are very curious on what happened without opening the book themselves. Thank you for sharing Digdigil!

Reviewed by: Oshun  ✧  Score: 4

Carefully thought out and well-written. You definitely drew me into the world of your story and held me there. I especially liked the first chapter with Feanor as a child. But, I just couldn't make the leap to actually seeing Feanor as in any way pitable. I will be the first to admit that I tend to have a rather overblown and hero-worshiping view of Feanor. Very nice piece though. You absolutely seized my attention and didn't let me go with the scenes between him and Galadriel. Feanor and Galadriel--now there's a scary couple.

Reviewed by: Dreamflower  ✧  Score: 1

An interesting take on possible psychological reasons for Feanor's behavior.