Battle of the Golden Wood

Author: Marnie

Nominator: unknown

2004 Award Category: Races: Elves - Third Place

Story Type: Other Fiction  ✧  Length: unknown

Rating: G  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: The War of the Ring in Lothlorien.

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Reviewed by: Larian Elensar  ✧  Score: N/A

Chapter 1 - Such a wonderfully dramatic beginning, setting up the conflict between Galadriel and Celeborn right away. I loved his comment that he had the right to wonder about her ability to turn the ring down. Chapter 2 - I was straining forward, reading this, urging them on. Hope they don't lose anyone else now that they're in the woods! Chapter 3 - Oswy certainly responded as expected. Any magic must be bad, since what we don't understand, we fear, and especially elvish magic. Tsk. Chapter 4 - I loved your description of Oswy's first glimpse of Celeborn. I also had to laugh a bit that Oswy thought the environment 'too bracing' to be enchanted. (I kept thinking, but if it was really enchanted, they'd just make you think it was too bracing to be enchanted!) Leofwyn is wise too, I'm glad you didn't make her too prejudiced, and even made her regret telling those stories to Oswy. Chapter 5 - Oh yes! Galadriel as a wife and mother. I loved it when she stepped int with Rian and the baby. And again, some rumors and legends of the Rohirrim are found to be untrue. Chapter 6 - Such a sad duty for Erethon, though at least, he could give the boy peace. You could almost taste the bitterness when he noted that had the positions been reversed, the favor wouldn't have been granted to an elf. I'm starting to get anxious about the upcoming battle too. Chapter 7 - You certainly showed the elves...almost desperation, attacks on all the fronts, with no hope of help, they don't even know if they'll have enough weapons. Controlled chaos, I guess. Chapter 8 - More of the conflict between Celeborn and Galadriel, no escapting their respective fates, I guess, since it always comes back to Galadriel needing the sea, and Celeborn needing the earth. Chapter 9 - Darnit! Now I really like Oswy and his family. And Calandil. And I know something will happen to them. Something bad. And who could blame the starting to get anxious about the upcoming battle too. elves if their feasting had that desperate edge to it, they're in a desperate situation, I guess. Chapter 10 - Isn't that the way it always is? (And I'm sterotyping here, forgive me). The females want to protect the men and don't understand when the men don't want it. I guess Galadriel can probably understand Celeborn's reasons for staying to fight, though she doesn't agree, so she's mad at him. There's just such an edge to their relationship, I get so anxious thinking about it. *sighs* Chapter 11 - Seems like such a small thing for the elves that they destroyed the siege engine. I guess it's a victory though. Chapter 12 - This was such a sad chapter, Celeborn hating to see Galadriel hurting, yet knowing that he would have to hurt her more in the end... Chapter 13 - I love the line in this chapter about it being foolish to hope, though that didn't mean it was wise to despair. Such an elfy thought process. Chapter 14 - Not Calandil! Chapter 15 - I love the little touch of humor that Haldir shows where he talks about wanting to contribute more than just falling out of a tree. I also like the glimpse of the relationship between Haldir and Orophin. And then, more Celeborn. I love the way he's so blunt with the truth when he tells Oswy that he would kill him, and that Oswy would thank him for it. Definitely a Celeborn moment, at least how I've imagined him. Chapter 16 - You know, with Celeborn knowing what it's like to be married to a ring bearer, it makes me wonder if he gave advice to Celebrian before she married Elrond. Chapter 17 - This is the darkest before the dawn chapter, right? Chapter 18 - This really shows Celeborn's strength, and his wisdom in not depending on magic, but rather his reliance on the power of the earth itself. I guess he and Thranduil would think alike in many ways. Chapter 19 - I really like the continuing thread about the songs, here Oswy is riding in song, and I love that image. Chapter 20 - Even though it was victory, having Oswy hear the sea in Ardil's song was so sad! Chatper 21 - It amazes me that Galadriel could go on at all when she had such dark thoughts. She and Elrond were alike in that I guess. Totally proving that being immortal is maybe a curse. And yes, the Haldir and Orophin scene at the end! I could imagine Orophin looking on Haldir with worship...and challenge! Chatper 22 - You'd think that Thranduil and Celeborn could see eye to eye a little more, but maybe Thranduil feels betrayed because Celeborn married Galadriel. I guess Celeborn's last statement, that Celeborn must believe there's no curse--rather sums up their relationship. Chapter 23 - Oh yes, Thranduil removing his crown, talking as friends, and Celeborn receiving some good advice! Chapter 24 - No matter how many centuries they lived together, Celeborn and Galadriel knew they'd eventually part, I guess. It's a bit amazing that they lived for the moment, instead of always thinking ahead. Even when it was right on them, they stayed in the moment, instead of just wanting to get it over with. Maybe that's elves though. I still like to think that Celeborn did go west, and found peace there too...

Reviewed by: Thundera Tiger  ✧  Score: N/A

Essentially, the story that Tolkien never got around to writing down. This is what really happened while everyone else was occupied in Gondor and Mordor. This is a battle just as epic, just as desperate, and just as exciting as anything that happened on the Pelennor or before the Morannon. And thanks to Galadriel's Mirror and Nenya, the elves are tied to the events far away in the East, and this impacts them in more ways than one throughout the course of the story. The time and effort that went into this story are staggering to think of. Marnie looks at the battle on almost every level possible, even weaving the story of a few fleeing Rohirrim into the mix who join the elves in the fight. We see the very young, the young-turned-old by war, the relatively younger elves, and the elves who may be the oldest that still remain in Middle-earth with the exception of CĂ­rdan. And the story is told by the individuals, by the events, by the enemy, by the hopes, by the dreams, and by the fears. There are so many layers to this story and so much implied with every word. All the characters have their own personalities and their own desires. They each have their own ideas and their own strategies. The interaction is amazing, the give and take is phenomenal, and the action is gripping. This really ought to be stuck inside the books and regarded as canon.

Reviewed by: Sulriel  ✧  Score: N/A

Extraordinary depth of characterizations, both canon and OC. Well plotted, with every detail thought out, but none overdone. It is refreshing to read a novel of this length that doesn't plant red herrings or leave loose ends.

Reviewed by: ElenaTiriel  ✧  Score: N/A

This was a riveting story from beginning to end. I was so taken by not only the strong personalities -- boy, I would not want to cross Celeborn when he's in magnificent warrior mode; fell and full of fury indeed! -- but also the more tender moments between Celeborn and Galadriel. The fact that she was so spent at the end saddens me greatly. Also, I was so horrified by the forces of darkness: the huge projectiles were frightening, poisoning the waters is simply beyond comprehension, and the captive with eyes sewn open was a horrific image that creeps me out to no end (and "creeps" is not nearly a strong enough word...). Oh, and the effect of the ring on Oswy, turning a decent person into doing unspeakable things, was an eye-opener, to say the least...