Author: Ithilwen

Nominator: unknown

2004 Award Category: Races: Elves

Story Type: Other Fiction  ✧  Length: unknown

Rating: R  ✧  Reason for Rating: violence

Summary: Maeglin during the Fall of Gondolin, his thoughts and actions.

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Reviewed by: Larian Elensar  ✧  Score: N/A

I sometimes feel sorry for Maeglin (like I did when reading Dark Forge), but then I remember that he had a choice. He didn't have to betray the city, and he did it out of pure selfishness. Maybe he really couldn't have made another choice because he didn't know any better, but I think he did, and he probably deserves to wander, in torment...

Reviewed by: Jilian  ✧  Score: N/A

Maeglin's actions in the Fall of Gondolin; how utterly unforgivable his is yet the author manages to evoke a kind of sympathy for this elf who betrays everyone he knows to Morgoth, even the woman he agreed to betray for. Idril, Earandil and Tuor are written as brave strong good people, and do believe that Maeglin enjoyed his death at the end. He should have gone to Mandos, but maybe he thought he didn't deserve to go there, and that by wandering houseless he could atone somehow.

Reviewed by: Mirasaui  ✧  Score: N/A

A chilling and extremely graphic description of the horrors that Maeglin's treachery released on the peoples of Gondolin. Ithilwen shocks with Maeglin's thoughts and actions, as single-minded in his purpose he searches the streets of the city for his elusive love. We are privy to the fanaticism that drives him, his madness, and yet, cannot help but feel a tinge of pity when he realizes all he wrought did not gain that which he desired. Excellent characterization of Maeglin and a riveting tale of the destruction of Gondolin.