The Smith

Author: Jilian Baade

Nominator: unknown

2004 Award Category: Races: Elves

Story Type: Other Fiction  ✧  Length: unknown

Rating: G  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: A smith reforges Narsil and remembers the one who last bore this blade in battle.

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Review scores are not available for 2004.

Reviewed by: Larian Elensar  ✧  Score: N/A

Oh! Yes, I like the history you gave to the smith, and how the sword told him it's name!

Reviewed by: Sulriel  ✧  Score: N/A

This is insightful. I like the way that the Smith connected between Narsil and Anduril.

Reviewed by: Mirasaui  ✧  Score: N/A

As a metal-worker, I was interested in this vignette about the smithh who re-forged the broken blade. Metal does 'sing' when quenched in either water or oil, and I liked thaht the smith sings to the blade in turn. Elrond's idea to choose a smith not so much for his craftmanship, but because he saw the original sword in action is believable, and the smith's story is sad and poignant. It is quite fitting that the one that forges the blade anew should name it and pass the name on to Aragorn. Nicely done.

Reviewed by: Ellbee  ✧  Score: N/A

You paint an amazingly vivid picture for such a short piece. I liked the repetition of "He rememberedÂ…" through the whole thing, and I got a little shiver when I read about the blade screaming out it's name. Quite moving.