Summer Heat

Author: chaotic_binky

Nominator: weepingnaiad

2008 Award Category: Times: Modern Times

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Medium Length

Rating: Mature  ✧  Reason for Rating: Violence, gore, reference to torture, death of a character (an elfling), murder, madness and sex.

Summary: Set in modern time. Glorfindel is a private detective who takes a commission from a client he knew many years before. The client is Erestor, who is in the middle of a murder mystery and the main suspect. Told as a noir pulp fiction, from Glorfindel's point of view; he uses flash backs from the past in Gondolin and Imladris to come to terms with meeting his psychopathic long lost lover once again.

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Reviewed by: Keiliss  ✧  Score: 10

What can I say about Summer Heat without giving away the entire story? Well, it’s Glorfindel and Erestor in modern times, as the summary says, in a good old fashioned private eye yarn. Think 'Mickey Spillane'. There’s Glorfindel, been around a long time, older than dirt in fact, earning a living by taking on the kind of cases sensible people leave alone. And there’s Erestor, beautiful, in big trouble, desperately in need of help. Sound familiar? But of course it’s not as simple nor as predictable as that. The story follows a trail of mayhem and destruction while at the same time introducing us to the events of the past and explaining the finer nuances of the ‘relationship’ between the two main characters – and yes, I deliberately chose to place ‘relationship’ in inverted commas, because it really is a dysfunctional thing at best… rather like Erestor, actually, who is – quite a piece of work. The flashbacks to the past and the unravelling of the present mess wrap round the story of Erestor and why he is the way he is, his prospects for any kind of a future, and the almost impossible questions it all raises for Glorfindel who has to decide if he should take a chance and trust the untrustable (is there such a word?) once again. Finally – having got this far without giving away anything much of this really well-crafted and at times gripping story – a comment on style. The writer’s confidence in writing within the film noir genre is absolute, and she manages to somehow blend modern day elves and a past ages love story (love story?) flawlessly into it. An unlikely tale as the summary implies, not for anyone who is unhappy with an AU type of setting and approach, but other than that – the writer does her job brilliantly, and her job as she sees it is to entertain. Does something in all this suggest I love this story?

Reviewed by: Dawn Felagund  ✧  Score: 7

This is certainly one of the more unique premises I've seen in a Tolkien story! The flashbacks provide a very welcome glimpse of the characters' lives in Middle-earth while the modern-day chapters are fast-paced, suspenseful, and, at times, wickedly funny. Chaotic Binky manages to nail the tone of a crime thriller spot on. I loved the greasy diner scene, as well as lines like, ["It was still raining and the drops of water mixed with the blood as if to wash away his sins"] for capturing this genre so well. At the same time, the characters' Elvishness shines through--the love of nature and the sensitivity to life and death--that keeps this story from being an unexpected plotline filled in with the names of Tolkien characters. Erestor is an intriguing character that--even more than wanting to know the outcome to the who-dunnit? storyline--I was in suspense about, wondering how he would turn out, whether Glorfindel's re-emerging love for him would transform Erestor or turn him to evil, as it had in the past. This was definitely a fun and entertaining story to read!

Reviewed by: weepingnaiad  ✧  Score: 3

This story is gripping and intriguing and has a unique view of the ubiquitous pairing of Glorfindel/Erestor. Taking place in modern times and wrapped in a murder mystery, this is very reminiscent of a film noir story. Definitely entertaining and a great read!

Reviewed by: Erviniae  ✧  Score: 2

Another innovative idea from this author. I enjoyed the suspense of the modern setting and the mystery that needed to be solved.