And all was made ready

Author: Dreamflower

Nominator: Raksha the Demon

2008 Award Category: Races: Cross-Cultural: Friendship - Honorable Mention

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Short Story

Rating: General  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: In which we see Aragorn's coronation, from a hobbit's eye view...

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Reviewed by: Cathleen  ✧  Score: 10

Dreamflower's story of Aragorn's Coronation is told through the eyes of our four famous hobbits and is delightful and stunning in its descriptive scenes of what is happening around them as they prepare to enter the Great White City. This story was written for the Gen-Fic group's very first challenge and what a wonderful addition it was to all the fine stories contributed. Dreamflower, in her usual adept style makes her readers feel as though we were actually there for the coronation in person! Such magnificent scenes she paints - from her description of all the bells in Gondor ringing, to the mind's eye associations each character makes as they prepare to crown the new king at long last! Even the details of the clothing they wear are woven with care and again made me feel as if I were a part of the crowd watching with pride as our triumphant Hobbits and Men accompany Aragorn to his destiny. Frodo is hesitant to be the centre of attention, yet determined to once more do what is expected of him. Sam, while thoughtful and ever-vigilant at Frodod's side, is concerned over what his old Gaffer would think of him all dressed in his finery! Pippin is filled with pride for his eldest cousin's accomplishments, and wants to make sure everyone knows about what it really cost to defeat Sauron and save Middle-earth. And Merry is ever watchful of his youngest cousin, amazed by the maturity he sees in the youth and marvelling at what they have all been through. "And All Was Made Ready" is simply a must-read for anyone who wants to feel as though she was actually there on that special day! MEWD, Dreamflower!

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon  ✧  Score: 8

In this enthralling story. Dreamflower writes of Aragorn's coronation from the point of view of the four hobbits. Dreamflower has an eye for hobbit character, and writes it in a way that lightens the load of the tremendous significance of the historic occasion. Being hobbits, Pippin, Merry, Sam and Frodo must eat first, and then be grandly dressed for the coronation. In a rather neat bit, Pippin may have grown so much that his sword-calloused hand is stronger and larger than Frodo's,but he still insists on eating every bit of the honey they are given. There are so many neat bits here - Sam's discomfiture at riding with Prince Imrahil giving way to ease when Imrahil asks Sam about his kin in the Shire; and of course Sam tells him about every Gamgee relation; the way Faramir and Gandalf have arranged to spare Frodo discomfort in the handing over of the crown, the hobbits' appreciation of the beauty of the day and the mountains and the city and the Steward's great white banner... I think if Tolkien had written more about the coronation, it would have read very much like this story. And I loved the ending!

Reviewed by: Imhiriel  ✧  Score: 7

A lively and engaging gap-filler. I like it very much that the story is told from the perspective of the Hobbits; it gives the lofty ceremonies a groundedness that I found very appealing; even more so when the PoV changes between the four of them. I also appreciated the fact that for all the excitement and joy that is shown for the upcoming events, Dreamflower rightfully tempers it with some more serious moments, recalling the personal anxieties each of the Hobbits carry within themselves, as well as their concerns for each other's. The characterisations are spot-on, the dialogue and interaction vivid and convincing. The small details and little occurences tucked into the story make for a very three-dimensional picture (I especially enjoyed Sam's fussing over the braces - and I bet Imrahil felt quite overwhelmed with the flood of information his casual question about Sam's family elicited!).

Reviewed by: Larner  ✧  Score: 5

The coronation of Aragorn was so sparsely described in LOTR, it begs to be expanded upon. This description of the morning, from the waking of the four Hobbits to the coronation itself, is detailed and delightful--and filled with the emotions of the four of them as we look at various moments from the point of view of each of them. There are memories of the past, thoughts on the future, and observations on the moment for each. We see typical Hobbit lightness of heart and very real considerations and concerns as each looks not only on the doings of the day but considers what the others must be feeling. A wonderful, poignantly told narrative.

Reviewed by: Thundera Tiger  ✧  Score: 4

The best way I can think of to describe this story is as a fun little series of snapshots. It feels like nothing so much as impression after impression from each of the hobbits regarding the coronation of the King. And I think that might be one of the best methods of describing such an event, especially from a hobbit's point of view. It would have to be impressions given the scope and grandness of the whole thing. But perhaps my favorite part of the story was the very end, when given all that was said and done, Frodo just wanted to go home.

Reviewed by: Garnet Took  ✧  Score: 4

It is so nice to see the coronation of the king through the eyes of the hobbits. This story so wonderfully expands on a rather short seen in the book. We get to see the hobbits at their best. Frodo with his angst and his denial of his deeds, Sam's humility and deprecation, Merry and hs sense of responsiblilty and order and Pippin and his joy in life despite everything that has happened to him. That last scene was just so precious: the four together as it should be.

Reviewed by: SurgicalSteel  ✧  Score: 3

This was such a fun read! A lovely set of vignettes designed to give the reader impressions of the preparations for Aragorn's coronation as well as the event itself - from the hobbits' perspectives. I enjoyed every bit of it!

Reviewed by: nancylea  ✧  Score: 1

you make that morning breath, and live and explode with possibilities.