Gift Horses

Author: JediShampoo

Nominator: unknown

2004 Award Category: Races: Men

Story Type: Other Fiction  ✧  Length: unknown

Rating: PG  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: How is Eowyn to get out of the Houses of Healing or escape an inescapable future in Rohan?

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Reviewed by: Larian Elensar  ✧  Score: N/A

I always thought it was odd that Eowyn could fall in love with Faramir so soon after being hurt, so I'm glad that you showed her approaching her relationship with a little caution, though there's still that underlying hope too.

Reviewed by: Elanor  ✧  Score: N/A

'How is Eowyn to get out of the Houses of Healing or escape an inescapable future in Rohan?' was your question. And you provided her with an honourable but seemingly dull escape, wise and eloquent Faramir. She has not really realized his qualities when she agrees to marry him. I have never read such a real Eowyn before. Finally a grumpy Eowyn, a grown woman with thoughts of her own, not a girl simpering after handsome Faramir after the first encounter. Passages I liked: what had Éowyn to look forward to? She would not be queen of any majestic land, able to take her destiny into her own hands. She would return to her woman's cage in the halls of Edoras to face the anger of her people at her desertion, and to play chatelaine to what was left of Rohan's warriors until her brother married or found her a suitable keeper. Life would go on as before, while the glory of Gondor overshadowed everything she possessed. She had snapped those reins of control, once. She had disobeyed the orders of her king, disguised herself as a man, and had ridden to battle seeking death. Yet she was not dead, and where had she ended up? Back where she had started, under the care of men who urged her, ever with gentle respect, to keep her place. And his teeth were good, white and straight and evident of long care. Perhaps as a husband he would pay attention to his duties and leave her alone most of the time, to run a civilized household that kept the hay and fleas where they belonged-- in the stables.- love this ! Her dignity, both as a woman scorned and a woman of honor, would not allow her to lie, to say that she loved him in return. I no longer desire to be a queen, she added, to soothe him. A small worm of guilt wriggled in her soul at this deception of omission, but some other small part of her was comforted by the fact that is was not she who struggled now with unrequited love. - I'm grinning ! Her thoughts feel right for me and in accordance with LotR. She is very cool to Faramir in LotR, she thinks more about Aragorn than about Faramir at least in the beginning of their acquaintance. And when she will think about Faramir she will dread to commit herself as to avoid another hurt. For me you describe all this correctly and with quite some interesting ideas. Keep it going like this. I cannot see Faramir falling for a simple minded chip of girl. And yes I agree with fandom, that Faramir would love to have a family life. Yet I cannot see him as the protector of a beautiful nitwit. The beauty of Eowyn is surely important to Faramir, it is the first that strikes him, but I think far more important to him are the thoughtful words in the retorts of Eowyn. Not only in your story but also in LotR I had the feeling that for Eowyn every said word is thought over before spoken. Ere she would be silent than to say a word rued later. First comes speech, understanding, emotion, then longing and butterflies in the stomach. Thus I see the courtship of Faramir to Eowyn. And Eowyn will surely need to be convinced of Faramir's love before she will allow herself to love. As long as she is unsure of his love she would be cold as not to be scorned again. You wrote it all very convincingly. She is surprised and bewildered by Faramir. And she could become even colder to test him. But this bewilderment would also set her thinking why she is so ruffled by his attention. Farseeing Faramir would see her antics easily as uncertainty. But the daughter of kings, schooled by Wormtongue, would not be unsure with a blushing face and faltering words. Nay, she would par and attack. Only her ungentle behaviour would betray her. A princess would be normally very well behaved to any who is of no account to her. So if she is as nasty as she is to Faramir, for me that means, she feels troubled by her emotions and attacks before she will show a weakness. For Faramir such a fencing would be very refreshing indeed, here is a woman reacting to him, and that with a vengeance. I think, he would be captured very fast. He had not much people reacting to him strongly emotional, I believe, and Eowyn is radiating malevolent emotion as he is radiating benevolent emotion. So Faramir would search to be near her as often and as long as he could. He needs a mind with which he can communicate, moreover he is in love early on. But Eowyn would try to be far from Faramir to lessen her confusion. Nevertheless, she could search the political marriage actively as you describe it. Thus she would wonder why she acts so emotionally. Then she would begin to wait for his caressing words, yet still feeling very aggressive against him. She would try to find out how far could she go. She could misinterpret his wanting to be near her as gentleness, a lord of Gondor who takes it on him to goad the princess of Rohan into a better mood. But a really unattached princess planning a political marriage would behave immaculately well, cool and detached. Thus, she has to ponder, why she cannot react cool and detached when near Faramir. She has to have learned self-analysis at Theoden's court with Wormtongue the ever-present nemesis of the whole royal family. I think, she has to get an inclination that she reacts to Faramir not only with exasperation but also with longing. I agree, Eowyn would at first taken aback by his flow of words, but in the end, bathed in this speech and becoming accustomed to be surrounded by emotion would find delight in this speech. I would think, in the end she would wait for to be spoken to, as being bathed in such speech is like being caressed. And every human being likes to be caressed. I would think that Eowyn is thirsting for caresses, as she lived an emotionally repressed life, constantly in fear to fatally misstep and lay herself open to Wormtongue. Although Faramir lived a life of repressed wishes, fatherly rebukes, and war, he had the outlet of books and dreams. To me he seems much more emotionally stable than Eowyn, who is in deep depression in the Houses of Healing. I like the notion, that Faramir lures her back to the joy of life. I think even this story renders Faramir's ability to woe Eowyn back to happiness, though he here surely speaks not as beautiful as in LotR. She surely can moreover feel ill treated by her family, I like this notion. She would be torn between her solidarity and duty to her family and her bond to her foster father and brother on one side and the thoughts about her desertion from her duty on the other side because she was driven once in her life by a need to prove herself through protecting her kin by her battle-craft, for which she had to set her duties aside. There must also have been a great need to be near Theoden and Eomer as the possibility of their death, especially of 70 year old Theoden, was very large. Accordingly she hovers around Theoden during the battle on the Pelennor. For me your Eowyn is a strong mind despairing on her future. She is a bit bitchy, but not overly. She is nasty, she rises Faramir's hackles a bit. And Eowyn is unsure, you did this beautifully. And that is just right: Faramir should have to _think_ about her, he is reached by his mind, Eowyn's beauty is the icing on the cake. I would think, her bitchiness would draw Faramir far more than a sweet-tempered blushing girl. For me she is an independent mind thinking her own thoughts and not rendering her uncles and brothers wishes. In potential sequels I would like you to keep her independent. Loving but having independent thoughts and wishes !