Candlelight, Angel Light, Firelight and Starglow

Author: San Antonio Rose

Nominator: Antane

2011 Award Category: Alternate Universe: General

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Short Story

Rating: Teen  ✧  Reason for Rating: Violence

Summary: The Fellowship takes a sudden Yuletide detour through Harad, and there they meet someone even Gandalf did not expect. (AU, inspired by the song "Candlelight Carol" by John Rutter.)

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Reviewed by: Antane  ✧  Score: 6

What an interesting concept for a AU! Love most the contact between Frodo and Erubar in the 'dream' and his fear of what may happen if he does not succeed in his Quest and their meeting and words together after it is over. Love also how the Fellowship greet the Child they meet, Boromir's tears and vow, Aragorn's sign of the cross, Gandalf throughout this whole story, Frodo approaching with the Ring, exposing his soul and receiving that vision and peace - Ring-bearer meeting Cross-bearer, akin that they are both burdened with heavy crosses to save the world. Pippin was cute. 'The Debate' is a fascinating source of speculation and Ralph Wood's book is one of my very favorites so glad to see both mentioned here. What a marvelous thing for them all to witness and what a gift Frodo especially was given to help him bear his own cross.

Reviewed by: Fiondil  ✧  Score: 5

With the holiday season nearly upon us, it’s nice to read this particular story of the Fellowship taking a... er... slight detour on their way south, ending up elsewhere and elsewhen. The reactions of the various members of the Fellowship are typical of each and Gandalf is quite handy to have around. What they find and what they experience will no doubt help them, Frodo especially, to carry on with their Quest. No doubt that was Eru’s intent all along. While definitely a holiday story, this can be read anytime of the year, it’s message apt for all seasons.

Reviewed by: Darkover  ✧  Score: 5

This is a beautiful story for Christmas, and IMHO, Tolkien, a devout Catholic, would have approved. The Fellowship seems momentarily to have lost their way, or have they found it? Every member of the Fellowship is written completely in-character, with dialogue completely appropriate to each one. I especially liked Merry's comment. I also greatly enjoyed how many items from different sources were used as threads to weave this tale. The story manages to be entertaining, and yet is written with a proper degree of reverence. The end is satisfying, and the story itself is brilliantly done!

Reviewed by: The Lauderdale  ✧  Score: 4

Oddly enough, not the first Middle-earth sojourn into Bethlehem that I have encountered. See also Jael's [We Three Kings], also competing in this year's MEFAs, although the two treatments are very different. By means of a wrinkle in time, San Antonio Rose brings the entire Fellowship to the nativity, where one by one they pay homage to the infant Christ. Gandalf uses [The Debate of Finrod and Andreth] to provide a traditional Christian exegesis of the event. This story has the loveliest title of any that I have reviewed this year.

Reviewed by: Jael  ✧  Score: 4

What a thrill to find another Christmas-related story this year! And from this very gifted author! I know from experience that it is very difficult to mix real-world Christian traditions with Tolkien's universe, yet San Antonio Rose has done it very well. The parallel between Jesus and Frodo as sacrificial figures is nicely handled, and the use of traditional holiday carols adds to the atmosphere. What an enjoyable story!