Keepers of the Hearth

Author: Alawa

Nominator: unknown

2004 Award Category: Races: Rohan

Story Type: Other Fiction  ✧  Length: unknown

Rating: G  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: Edoras, 3021, the last year of the Third Age. Tomorrow the Golden Hall will witness the wedding of Eomer King of the Mark and Lothiriel of Dol Amroth. For more than thirty years another has kept it safe, but now she must make ready for the coming of the Queen.

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Reviewed by: Marta  ✧  Score: N/A

This is probably one of the most convincing OFCs I've ever read. One can imagine Winfrith coming from Tolkien's pen quite easily.

Reviewed by: Larian Elensar  ✧  Score: N/A

Great picture of the people (women) who hold down the fort while the men are off fighting. I'm glad that she liked Lothiriel. Lovely story.

Reviewed by: Dwimordene  ✧  Score: N/A

Usually, we find ourselves in sympathy with the shieldmaidens of the Ardaverse. We crave active women who are seen being active, who force their way to the forefront of the plot and demand acknowledgment from the men on traditionally masculine turf. And yet there is always that risk of anachronism or cliché to such characters. Alawa has chosen the road less travelled by and given us a fully-realized original female character who is everything most modern women in industrial countries are not: a keeper of the hearth, a housekeeper who desires no more than to hold hall and home in good order and to see its traditions perpetuated. Winfrith has a delightful voice; the entire story is a breath of fresh air that is lively, thoughtful, utterly humane and believable-if ever there were anything that could justify war, it is the preservation of Winfrith and the ideals of nurturing care and rootedness, fidelity and love that she embodies. We need more unearthings of the Winfriths of Middle-earth, for as with unearthing the spirituality of nuns, it's only in trying to see, even through the idealistic lens, what might have been counted as valuable to women governed by the gender hierarchy far more fully than most of us, that we can identify with them.

Reviewed by: Thundera Tiger  ✧  Score: N/A

Perhaps one of the most fleshed-out and enjoyable OCs I've ever seen. Winfrith was a pleasure to get to know and a pleasure to watch throughout the fic. I loved her reservations regarding this strange bride from Dol Amroth and how she warmed to her in the end. The cultural notes within this story are amazing, and I feel as though entire worlds have been opened up concerning the Rohirrim. The characters of both Eomer and Eowyn were great, and Eomer's lightheartedness was very contagious. Well, it was for me. Perhaps not for Winfrith. Lothíriel was characterized well, and I love her ability with languages. Great story all around, and the blessing at the end as the fire returns to the hearth was a perfect note on which to end, but not nearly as perfect as the last line as Winfrith returns to making sure that this all goes forth without incident.

Reviewed by: Llinos  ✧  Score: N/A

First chapter made me cry - good start?