Let Them Eat Cake

Author: Jaiden_S

Nominator: Phyncke

2009 Award Category: Genres: Humor: Aragorn or Legolas

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Short Story

Rating: Mature  ✧  Reason for Rating: Sexual situations between two consenting males. Scenes are not graphic.

Summary: Aragorn and Elladan travel to Gondor for the Rites of Spring Celebration. After a disastrous first meeting involving mistaken identity and punch in the face, Aragorn and Legolas find themselves at odds with each other and elbow-deep in cake batter. Who will come out on top?

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Reviewed by: Phyncke  ✧  Score: 10

This story is one that I worked with and enjoyed many times over. I laughed and laughed reading it and I must admit that I was the beta for this too. I have had some months to step back from it and read it again with more distance. What this story has is comedic timing, in spades. I find in fan fic that there is a tendency to be too serious. This story starts from a ridiculous premise and moves onward with rich characterizations that grab at the reader's imaginations. A cake baking contest...hard to envision but for me, and I think based on the reaction this story got on the swap, and for many, this totally worked. It was written with rhythm, originality and a real sense of humour and a mind for the intensity that both Legolas and Aragorn would feel in this situation. Their battle skills applied to cookery---right on! The language just flows here and Jaiden has great style and freshness. She is truly original in her use of language and one does not find over used phrasing in her writing. I found myself looking forward to each new sentence in this story and wondering with great interest, what would happen next. A true delight to read this. I am not spoiling with this review. Highly recommend and just a total winner of a story. You will laugh, oh yes you will.

Reviewed by: dapperscavenger  ✧  Score: 5

The first time I tried to read this I couldn't get my head around it. A cake-baking contest? It was just so... ludicrous! And brilliant! Fanfiction an be so repetitive sometimes. The same old plots rewritten over and over again. Finding something a little bit different is like tripping over the end of a rainbow, you know? Really, though, by the end of the story you realise that all of Legolas and Aragorn's exploits have been completely overshadowed by the utterly incorrigible Elladan. He has ALL the best lines. And there are many of them! The one that has me in stitches just remembering it appears near the beginning: [So does my affection for Elrohir, but I have no desire to erect a pole on his behalf] This is a classic. Everyone should read it! Well, everyone over a certain age, anyway.

Reviewed by: Rhapsody  ✧  Score: 5

Gosh, I have no idea where to start with this review, the situations are delightfully written and yeah, the image of Legolas covered flour like that had me in giggles. I really liked this not-so-standard interpretation of him, an elf with an ego that can bite. As the two male leads try to find a way to get along, Elladan steals the show with his comments, activities, and observations. I really do wonder now what he is planning to do with that eggplant... This is a wonderful tale with fabulous and quirky dialogue, a fresh take on three canon characters and Gondorian rites (Jaiden’s interpretation works wonderfully for me), with a tinge of sexiness and oh so vividly written scenes!

Reviewed by: Ignoble Bard  ✧  Score: 5

I had forgotten how cute and downright funny is this story of Aragorn and Legolas in a cake baking competition. It seems like a silly idea on the face of it, but it turns out to be a hilarious bit of one-upmanship as they seek to make a cake that is [an orgasm on a plate] (that line cracks me up). Of course they discover that the irritation for each other is more of a mutual lust, the fun being in watching the two of them arrive at that same conclusion. This story has a lot of great lines and a fun loving, teasing Elladan that easily puts both Aragorn and Legolas in their respective places as the occasion arises. This is just an all around exuberant, laugh-out-loud read.