Author: Llinos

Nominator: unknown

2004 Award Category: Times: The Lord of the Rings: Incomplete - First Place

Story Type: Incomplete  ✧  Length: unknown

Rating: R  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: An AU LotR story -- The Uruk-hai recapture Merry and Pippin and because of this the story changes. The hobbits suffer many trials and tribulations as a consequence and are led in a completely different direction to the original story.

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Reviewed by: Marigold Cotton  ✧  Score: N/A

This is my favourite fanfiction story of all! It has been going for two and a half years, and I hope that it will continue indefinitely! The author started writing this as very short chapters posted daily, which I think was exactly the right way to present it at the beginning, but I really appreciate that she has adapted to the demands of the story and made later chapters longer and longer. True, they are now updated only every couple of months, but the length and content more than makes up for the wait. I enjoy so many things about this story. Llinos took a simple idea, what events might transpire if something happened just a little bit differently on the Quest, and has created a truly wonderful story. She writes the characters of Merry and Pippin, the main characters, wonderfully, and in such a way that the reader just falls in love with them. Their trials and tribulations and heroic deeds are like the wonderful old serials at the cinema, and each chapter is satisfying and still leaves the reader wanting more. The ever-expanding plot is fascinating! One of the things that make this story so great is the way every genre and emotion is to be found here. Hurt/comfort, humour, angst, romance, battles, drama, love, innocence, horror, mysticism, danger, lightheartedness, and adventure - it is all here, and in just the right amounts. The characters, of every race, hobbits, men, elf, orcs, dwarves, and even beasts, are written appropriately, and every character speaks with just the right *voice*, something that isn't easy to do. This is an incredibly enjoyable story, and I look forward to each and every chapter!

Reviewed by: Lindelea  ✧  Score: N/A

I have been following this story for a long time now, always hoping for yet the next chapter. Yes, Llinos, you have me firmly hooked, as bad as if it were "poppy" itself. This story is so original, so imaginative, so wildly divergent from the original that inspired it, and yet somehow you manage periodically to incorporate text from the original into your work--how in the world do you manage? Your original characters are multi-dimensional and capable of surprising the reader--very well done! I love the flashes of humour as well, the clever turns of phrase. You also inject elements of mystery, and I hope that all will come clear eventually. For example, you've hinted that there is a reason Pippin talks the way he does--but I'm too thick to have figured it out, yet. And poor Merry--my goodness, I've never read Merry-angst quite like this! I do hope you keep writing on this one until you bring us in for a safe landing...

Reviewed by: Aelfwina  ✧  Score: N/A

This is one of the few AUs I've read that I have truly enjoyed. I was totally absorbed in reading it, and am very eager to see more of it. Merry and Pippin are portrayed in a very unique way here, saddled with handicaps and difficulties at every turn, they prove themselves resourceful, loyal and ingenious. They never lose the thing that makes them hobbits through all their trials and tribulations. I especially like the way the author has forged a special bond between them and Legolas, exploring unknown territory in mind-speech. Other elements that make this story keeping the reader guessing are the portrayal of Orcs, and the way she occasionally twines events back into the original LotR timeline. I am very eager for more of this story.