Little Dogs Laughed

Author: Dreamflower

Nominator: Cathleen

2011 Award Category: Adventure: General

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Short Story

Rating: General  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: A dog and his boy have an Adventure.

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Reviewed by: Lyra  ✧  Score: 10

This is officially the first piece of "Roverandom" fanfiction I've ever come across, and what a delightful little story it is! As soon as I saw the title of this story, I was hoping it would be "Roverandom"-inspired. I was lucky! In this charming little adventure, Michael Tolkien - under the nom-de-plume of Little Boy Two - and his dog Roverandom return to the moon in their dreams. Normally they meet many other dreaming children there, but during one night, the man in the moon has a special task for them alone: He needs to find out what is worrying his sheep! Naturally, Michael and Roverandom are able to help and uncover the problem. Of course there are moments of danger, but fortunately nothing can go wrong when such a clever dog as Roverandom is involved. And because Michael is such a friendly and well-mannered boy, they even cure the moon-dog Rover of his fear of children. Effectively copying the whimsical style of Boy's Own Paper stories and Tolkien's "Roverandom", and rounded off with allusions to Roverandom's previous adventures, this tale of a dog and his boy is a joy to read. I hope that Dreamflower will get around to writing about further adventures Michael and Roverandom are going to have together.

Author response: So far I have found no *other* fanfic about little Roverandom, but I'd love to see some more by others! The book is so charming and adorable and sort of innocent, even more so than The Hobbit. I just adore feisty little Rover and the other characters he encountered! I just had to try something along those lines! And who knows, perhaps Rover will let me know of another adventure sometime!

Reviewed by: Virtuella  ✧  Score: 6

Dear Dreamflower, This is really quite an unusual story to find in the Middle-earth fandom, being as it is only tangentially connected with the main body of Tolkien’s work. Nevertheless, you strike a tone in this story that convinces me it belongs here and that I could indeed imagine hearing in a Hobbit nursery. The whole reference to the man in the moon and to Bilbo’s song is quite delightful. It is also interesting to see a little bit of the background of Tolkien’s family life – we are so used to thinking of him as a professor and a creator of worlds, but he was, of course, also a father, and story-telling would have had a further dimension in his fatherhood. Thank you for an unusual story.

Author response: I love that little story. "Roverandom" is absolutely delightful, far more whimsical and fanciful than The Hobbit, as the children were much younger when he told them. I also love "The Father Christmas Letters". They show a young father who doted on his children and found nothing more wonderful than to tell them tales. Both of those books give a more well-rounded idea of Tolkien as a family man, and not just an earnest professor of language!

Reviewed by: Kaylee Arafinwiel  ✧  Score: 4

This has GOT to be one of my favorites of Dreamflower's works. Set in Arda, though not Middle-Earth, it's lovely from beginning to end. I know there were questions as to whether it would fit on SoA, but as I noted, it is indeed set in "Arda" by definition, so of course it counts! =) I love, love love Roverandom!! It's such a sweet story! DEFINITELY worth reading over and over!

Author response: It was a great joy to me to write fanfic for Roverandom. Truth be told, I didn't expect many other people to "get it" as that is one of JRRT's lesser known owrks. Thanks for the lovely refiew!

Reviewed by: Independence1776 (Crystal113)  ✧  Score: 4

An absolutely delightful story about Roverandom and his first Adventure with his boy. I love how the bond between dog and boy is shown, and how it helps moon-Rover. The style is wonderfully reminiscent of the book itself, and the allusions to previous adventures (written in such a way that even those who haven't read it can understand) are perfect. A glorious story that brought a huge grin to my face.

Author response: Thank you so much! I know that "Roverandom" is one of JRRT's more obscure stories, but it really deserves to be better known. I am very pleased that you think I caught the delightful style of the original, and most of all, I am pleased that I made you grin!