Becoming in Blue

Author: rosethorn59

Nominator: Sivan Shemesh

2011 Award Category: Humor: Mirkwood Elves

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Medium Length

Rating: General  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: When Legolas takes a trip to visit the Peredhel family, little Estel and the Peredhel twins take their pranks on Legolas a little too far.

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Reviewed by: Sivan Shemesh  ✧  Score: 10

Rosethorn59 = Well done! You are doing well in humor, not many succeed in that genre. Chapter 1 Moving a desk, from Elrond room... poor Estel, now Elrond could watch them as they walking, now where's the twins got into? Love that sentences: "Ok. To Me." Legolas yawned and tried to look at Estel with a real look of fear on his face, but without much success. He wanted to laugh so much, that he had to swallow it, to stay in character. He wanted to stay serious for Estel, otherwise he would ruin the boys' game. He figured he might as well amuse him before the short human's 'death sentence.' "I'm going to take you to my leader. He lives at my castle." "Oh, no! Who is your leader? What is his name?" Legolas asked," breathing heavy and trying to sound scared. "Ada...I mean Lord Elrond the Evil. He hates blonde-haired wood-elves and tortures them and is mean to them and then they are sorry; for wood-elves." "He lives in my castle far, far into the woods and over the mountains. My soldiers and I are going to tie you up and drag you there and throw you in the dungeon. And you will be guarded by my pet dragon, Glorestor, so you can't ever escape and come after me again," he very seriously related to Legolas. Chapter 2 Poor Legolas has to suffer by Elrond's sons, poor elf. Though he is brave enough to make threats angainst them. Go Legolas! Sentences that i love: It was the twins. "Oh, no!" Legolas whined as he panicked at the idea of them seeing him with blue hair. He knew he would never, ever live that down. He would hear about it constantly with every trip he took to Imladris for the rest of his Elvish life. "Now where is that secret door..." he whispered to himself. "Elrond, do you have a trap door around here somewhere with an underground room where I can hide? Never mind, I'll find the door in the wall," he replied nervously, wandering around the room and tapping and knocking on the walls. Elrond looked puzzled and a little alarmed. "How on MIDDLE EARTH do you know about that door, Legolas?" "Well..." he started, fear in his voice. "Um...I cannot remember," he very cautiously answered, attempting a weak smile at Elrond and just trying to shrug it off, while pounding on a wall by the fireplace. Chapter 3 Very poor Legolas, got his hair colored in Blue... grin... Estel might did it with a reason... grin... Love those: Both Elrond and Legolas jumped as the door was slammed and looked at each other; Legolas smiling at Elrond and Elrond frowning at Legolas. "Is he in more trouble now?" "Yes" was the only answer the younger Elf got. Elrond's frown softened a bit. "He is a good boy, but sometimes he can be difficult. His heart is in the right place, though." "Really?" Legolas asked. "Not today it has not been, it seems. But he really does remind me of myself at that age. I was a bit of a handful I was told. Or I remember," Legolas looked at him a little shyly, grinning. "Well, he does have his bad, very trying days. And he can be very naughty, as you have seen. Or, should I say, you have experienced. And he loves you, you know, so I guess it would be natural that he would be jealous of your friendship with my sons. He wants to grow up so quickly. I want him to stay small. But don't most human children?" Elrond was a little sad at this thought. He knew Estel would grow up very quickly in the space of just a few years. How difficult it would be for him when the time came for his ion to leave home. He loved him so much. Chapter 4 Poor Thranduil.. what did you do to him? LOL. Love it, great sentences: "Legolas, what are you looking at?" "There's a spider on the ceiling," Legolas grinned at him as he continued to stare upward. "He's right over you. What are you going to do if he falls on you?" "Move," Legolas chuckled. "I hate spiders." Chapter 5 Poor Legolas, now his clothes are blue as well... only the twins could do it. Sentences that i love: " I am going to make you two regret this." Legolas was so irate he was still considering beating them unconscious. Of course he never would, but it was a wonderful thought. "How many times have you said that since you have been here?" Elrohir asked him. "And we have yet to see any violence. We are sure you will try something," they both laughed, " but there are two of us and only one of you; and we're going to keep an eye on you." Legolas looked around for his pack and found it on the floor on the other side of the bed. He walked over to it and bent down to check it and make sure nothing was missing. He looked through everything, pulled everything out to check; and sure enough something was missing. His clothes. Somehow he knew they wouldn't be there. He stood back up and turned to face them. "Alright. Who took the rest of my clothes? Where are they?" Chapter 6: Estel is sure love Legolas... want to help him... grin. Love those: "Hey, I could have done that myself Mr. Blu...blonde elf," he quickly corrected himself. "Estel, do you want me to torture you? I could if you like. And I will if you are not careful, little edan," Legolas assured him, as he continued to dry his hair off. "Now come here, you. Let's get out of this wind." He picked Estel up and carried him to the south side of a large elm tree, surrounded by bushes, with a large pile of leaves at the base of the tree which would make for a very comfortable seat. He put Estel down, pulled a large blanket out of his pack, since the blue cloak was very damp, and spread it out over the leaves. He picked his cloak up where he had dropped it and handed it to Estel. "You can change behind those bushes over there if you like." Chapter 7 aka last chapter Glad that Estel and Legolas talk, not only for the prank, but hurting feelings. Very heartwarming and lots of laugh. Poor Legolas. Sentences: Legolas quickly climbed on his horse, making ready to leave. "It could have been worse for them. I was thinking of using orange...or maybe purple." "So how did you do it?" "Doorway; buckets of dye falling on heads; yelling and screaming Peredhels, I'm sure; and Legolas running, then riding, for his life. The usual way. I can't believe they fell for the oldest prank in existence. They must not be at their best today." I must run. Goodbye, Estel. I love you and I will miss you; never forget that, as he galloped off into the forest, down the pathway towards home, just as the brothers got there, glaring at Estel since he was the only one there. "Goodbye, Legolas!," Estel yelled after him. Then as Legolas flew around some bushes and out of site, the little Edan whispered..."I will miss you..." You really should write a sequel for it, you're done a hell of a job with this fic. Well-done! Want to read more of your fics. Talent author... yep, you are. Keep up the great work, and Happy New Year. I enjoyed reading your story.

Reviewed by: haldirsbaby  ✧  Score: 3

I have to say Bravo on this piece! I found it highly entertaining, well written. The story itself causes the reader to actually see the characters in the mind playing out the events that take place. I highly recommend this piece to all who loves the mischievious side of childhood..Great Work!...Hope to see more from you!

Reviewed by: Linda Hoyland  ✧  Score: 3

A delightfully warm hearted and amusing story of young Aragorn's childhood and his adventures and the childish pranks he enjoys playing. I'm not a Legolas fan, but I felt quite sorry for the poor Elf! Who could fail to love little Estel though and Rosethorn shows him to be a very lovable albeit mischievous child.But what little boy is not, royal or otherwise?

Reviewed by: Liadan  ✧  Score: 2

Young Estel plays a practical joke on Legolas, who is not amused. Soon the twins are involved along with the rest of Imladris.

Reviewed by: Adonnen Estenniel  ✧  Score: 1

Falling back to the popular pranking storyline, this is a funny tale of childhood.