Mortal Shores

Author: Vorondis

Nominator: unknown

2004 Award Category: Times: The Silmarillion: Second Age - Third Place

Story Type: Other Fiction  ✧  Length: unknown

Rating: PG-13  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: Gil-galad gets some help from Numenor against Sauron. But what is the price?

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Reviewed by: Larian Elensar  ✧  Score: N/A

I was going to read the first five or so chapters and see if I wanted to continue, and you had me in the first two paragraphs. I love the way you've fleshed out this whole era. I was trying to write comments after every chapter, but I got so caught up in what was going on, I gave up. I don't often sit down and read fan fiction (especially the longer pieces) in one go, but that's exactly what I'm doing now, I resent every little interruption that takes me back out of the story! I've always loved Gil-Galad, thank you for making him accessible, and more 'known.' And of course, Celebrian would love him! I'm somewhat surprised I haven't seen more of that in the fandom. Tarion's desire to use Narya, to heal himself has me somewhat concerned at this point, I can only see that leading to disaster, I think. (But I'm barely 1/3 of the way through too...) Nice little foreshadowing thing there where Tarion draws Glorfindel, at about the same time he's being captured. I still have trouble thinking of a young Gildor, every other story I've read has had an older, wiser Gildor, but I guess he had to get that wisdom from somewhere. Wow, never would have guessed Tarion's secret. And the fact that 'common' people knew about the power of the Elven rings, that had to be scary to Gil-galad and Galadriel when Glorfindel told them. I feel terrible that I'm not writing more feedback, but I'm too busy reading! I can't put this story down for any length of time, I'm trapped! *grin* Ooh, what is Gildor's game? I never thought about it much but I wonder how it was for him, being (supposedly) actually closer to the throne than Gil-Galad. I guess he might want to needle him a bit to see how he reacts, though I can't see how creating that type of divisive situation, even briefly, helps the elves. Ah, okay, I needed to read through the whole thing to see what Gildor was up to. Gildor wasn't even sure, was he? *grin* Lots of great story telling here. I liked getting to know Beregar and Tarion. And this was a new Gildor for me as well. And Celebrian, not a weakling who needed to be avenged, like you usually see. You even made Galadriel powerful without castrating the men around her. Excellent. I saw one little thing that threw me, very near the end. Galadriel is talking about not giving up the ring of sapphire. I assume you meant ring of adament? All in all, a thoroughly captivating, well told story. It will be difficult to think of this period without allowing your vision of it in...

Reviewed by: Viv  ✧  Score: N/A

I think I've sent some of this feedback to you privately, but just to reiterate some of the things that impressed me about this story ... Thank you for writing Galadriel as I always imagined her. From her dusky voice to her complicated relationship with Celebrimbor, you've captured it all. And I chuckled out loud at this description of Aman: "the Blessed but not Very Eventful Realm". In chapter 6, the simile that compares hand-to-hand fighting with "guilty lovemaking" is inspired. And then this from chapter 7: "The thought chilled her, for she realised what those means were." You always find ways of bringing up those durned rings. How very Tolkienesque of you. Of course, a highlights recap wouldn't be complete without my very favorite line from the story: "'My lady,' Glorfindel said, 'dying is not something I can recommend.'" Bwahaha (Not to mention, that dry wit is perfectly in character for your Glorfindel).