Final Flight

Author: Trinity Helix

Nominator: unknown

2004 Award Category: Genres: Drama: The Lord of the Rings

Story Type: Other Fiction  ✧  Length: unknown

Rating: PG-13  ✧  Reason for Rating: violence

Summary: Leading the elves to Helm's Deep, Haldir finds what he is looking for.

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Review scores are not available for 2004.

Reviewed by: Larian Elensar  ✧  Score: N/A

You captured Haldir's thoughts and feelings exactly the way I saw them when I watched the movie. It is nice to think that his last thoughts were filled with peace and hope instead of despair.

Reviewed by: Alexcat  ✧  Score: N/A

This is another of those that make me cry. Centering on the thoughts of Haldir as he comes to Helm's Deep and dies there but it is not a hopeless story. Indeed, its theme seems to be hopeĀ… hope for middle earth, hope for the future beyond.

Reviewed by: Mirasaui  ✧  Score: N/A

Heart-rending story of Halidr's death at Helm's Deep and the hope that Estel brings to Middle-earth and Men.