With Friends Like These

Author: Jay of Lasgalen

Nominator: Rhapsody

2005 Award Category: Genres: Drama (includes Angst): Elves - Third Place

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Novella

Rating: G  ✧  Reason for Rating: n/a

Summary: A series of misadventures chronicling the early, 'teenage' years of Elladan, Elrohir and Legolas. Action, humour and angst.

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Reviewed by: daw the minstrel  ✧  Score: 10

I liked both halves of this story. In Greenwood, I liked the scene with Legolas and the wolf cubs, although the parents never seem to have found out. And the twins didn't believe him about the spiders apparently. You could see all the plot threads building so that everything was going to come crashing down on Legolas at once. And he is a very believable kid, a nice mix of trouble and uncertainty. Interesting twin stuff. I liked the phantom pain that Elrohir was experiencing and Elrond's complete lack of scruples in blackmailing him into chewing the leaves. Sometimes you have to deal with kids on their own level. Taniquel kisses Elrohir and his brother wonders how he does it! That's great. I hope Elrohir continues to have such charm with maidens. And his desire to be an individual was understandable. It must be tough, although comforting, to always have someone else there. In the scenes in Rivendell, Legolas really shows a finely developed conscience. Thranduil should be proud of him, even if he does have to learn not to be so hard on himself. I like your good Ada Thranduil. Now the troll stuff was scary. I was struck by how nicely you advanced this chapter with dialogue and actions. It came alive. It was shown, not told. Really, really nicely done. Loved the picture of the two fathers both worried enough that they can't sleep. Elladan must be petrified by now. Legolas and Elrohir were very lucky not to be really hurt or even killed. These three did themselves proud by taking their medicine like "men" so to speak. And then Elrohir apparently chose just the right confidante. Good for Glorfindel. He's right. The message got across and that's what matters anyway.

Reviewed by: Rhapsody  ✧  Score: 10

With Friends like these, I was introduced to the word elflings for the first time. As of the first chapter the author let me plunge into the worlds of concerns, troubles, mischief and thoughts of the Sons of Elrond, Legolas, at some degree Arwen and, of course, their friends. Friendship is the central theme, but I found myself quite often at the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen next. Then the author made me laugh so hard that I could so sympathised with one of the characters. As you go along you start to care deeply for the characters. The angst they go through make you want to tell them that it will be alright and the drama they experience is heart wrenching. Being a part of a twin has its advantages, but can be a burden as well. Jay plays with different genres, I can imagine that it is hard to choose, but it makes the story versatile. For every reader there is something in there to love. The dialogue is fresh and witty, Jay described the homes of the elves, and their traditions very well, which makes the narrative parts very vivid and engaging. Her story telling made me want to read this story from the first one to the final page, and left me wanting more. But every story needs an end, she carefully chooses an ending that yet completes this story, but leaves the reader the impression that more of this storytelling will follow.

Reviewed by: elliska  ✧  Score: 6

I really enjoyed following the adventures (and misadventures, of course) of the twins and Legolas, along with their parents through this story and getting to see your portrayals of Mirkwood and Imladris. I thought the characterisation of everyone involved was extremely well done and the various plot twists were fun to read, scary, funny and just heart-warming. I think my favorite parts were the part in Mirkwood with the spider that Legolas did not really fight and then he had to confess to his friends that he exagerated the truth and the part in Imladris with the contest and the way that ended for Legolas. And of course I loved the very final chapter with the bows--I still want one of those! I love the way you portray these families. Great job Jay.

Reviewed by: lainien  ✧  Score: 4

I remember reading this a while back when I first started reading fanfiction and laughing in some parts and not being able to read fast enough in others--I like your portrayal of the twins and Legolas as freinds in their youth. Since I like the Mirkwood elves best, I particularly liked the parts where Elrond was in Mirkwood. You are really good at creating angst in your stories and I think there were some really good parts in this story for that sort of thing.

Reviewed by: Bodkin  ✧  Score: 1

Great fun - it's good to see our heroes enjoying themselves. Although, of course, disaster is never far away.