"For Into Darkness Fell His Star" (Volume 5 of 8, of "The Adventures of Frodo Gardner")

Author: Dreamdeer

Nominator: Dreamdeer

2009 Award Category: Races: Villains

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Novel

Rating: Mature  ✧  Reason for Rating: (For the entire series.) SEX: Implicit except for explicit pollinization. Sexual crimes are never eroticised. LANGUAGE: euphemized in translation. VIOLENCE: Infrequent, but no holds barred. OCCULT: Sauron and other ghosts and demons. SHOCKS: Sooner or later this series will push any button you have. Not for PTSD sufferers in the avoidance-phase of recovery.

Summary: Frodo Gardner continues to try and save Mordor's farmland. Sauron's spirit's previous moves have been mere feints; now he springs traps long in the making: for vengeance, for power reclaimed, for Frodo Gardner body and/or soul, and for a significant other. AU causes problems. Stories-within-story of entwive's fate, Sauron and the Rings, and how Sauron still hangs on. Hobbit songs.

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Reviewed by: Larner  ✧  Score: 4

And so we see Frodo Gardner defy his Uncle Pippin, redeem his true love, see the first successful grain harvest in Mordor in living memory, and we learn the fate of the Entwives. Ah, how they were beguiled by Annatar, and tricked into betraying the very earth they once cherished! Another fascinating look at the possible fate and lives of Frodo-lad--and, yes, I said "lives." It appears that Dreamdeer has managed to write the time-travel story that Tolkien never got finished.