"He Clasped Her Fast, Both Flesh and Bone" (Vol. 6 of 8 of "The Adventures of Frodo Gardner")

Author: Dreamdeer

Nominator: Dreamdeer

2009 Award Category: Genres: Longer Works

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Novel

Rating: Mature  ✧  Reason for Rating: (For the entire series.) SEX: Implicit except for explicit pollinization. Sexual crimes are never eroticised. LANGUAGE: euphemized in translation. VIOLENCE: Infrequent, but no holds barred. OCCULT: Sauron and other ghosts and demons. SHOCKS: Sooner or later this series will push any button you have. Not for PTSD sufferers in the avoidance-phase of recovery.

Summary: You wouldn't expect our hero to have a normal, serene honeymoon, now would you? Not when Sauron makes three. To complicate matters further, the family has decided to send Uncle Nibs to take Young Frodo in hand. And Frodo still must deal with Mordor's needs and problems, on and off the farm. AU complicates Frodo's life. Moments of romance, horror, dancing, and kaktush wine.

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Reviewed by: Larner  ✧  Score: 8

And I at last approach the end of this saga as it stands. Pippin has returned to the Shire, but in his stead come others--Uncle Nibs, the Lady Eowyn, and Prince Eldarion. Eowyn has suffered from the attentions of one of the nastier mad Maiar who haunt the Poros Pass into Nurn, and requires healing, and Eldarion is stressed from having to learn the use of the Palantiri in a forced mode. And there is grief in the news from the Shire--one of the Hobbits Sam has had to fine for petty actions has been spying upon the Mayor, and has learned his most long-kept secret. The attempt to punish Sam by stealing away little May has apparently cost the Gamgee-Gardners the two youngest of their children, as May disappears into the Old Forest and young Tolman suffers a serious head injury and must relearn how to live. But Nibs is learning to see Frodo's accomplishments for what they are, and is coming to love this land himself, in spite of the horrors that still face the inhabitants of the place. And he will see to it that the marriage of Frodo Gardner and his Mattie is properly constituted! Still fascinating!