A Moment in the Morning in Bree

Author: Budgielover

Nominator: Lily Baggins

2008 Award Category: Races: Cross-Cultural - Second Place

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Short Story

Rating: General  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: A gentle story set before the forming of the Fellowship; the 'getting to know you' period during which strangers become friends. A Moment in the Morning in Bree, in which the hobbits observe a very strange habit of Men.

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Reviewed by: annmarwalk  ✧  Score: 5

*chortles* Oh, this is lovely, and not what I expected at all! There's always been some debate in various communities over the burning question "Numenoreans: Bearded or Not?" but I love the way you've sidestepped that hairy issue to examine the question from a whole new angle. The cleverly repeated imagery of the line of wide-eyed hobbits, watching Strider's every movement as he shaves, made me think of something we'd see in "Cute Overload". Poor Aragorn! and it's only the first morning! Yes, indeed, it's going to be a long trip. Very imaginative, very clever!

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon  ✧  Score: 5

A story that is very credible and very funny in a low-key way. Poor tired Strider is trying to shave, in a room in Bree, surrounded by the four hobbits whose trust he wants to gain, particularly Frodo; and the hobbits in question are transfixed by the unusual (to them) sight of a Man shaving his beard. Poor Strider keeps nicking himself as the hobbits pepper him with questions, and seeing him keep his patience while wondering how he is going to survive both the dangerous journey ahead and the hobbits' innocent curiosity is great fun. This story definitely shows some of the differences between the hobbit and mannish cultures; and Pippin's questions alone keep the reader amused.

Reviewed by: Dreamflower  ✧  Score: 5

Strider finds himself an object of immense curiousity to the four hobbits--and begins to learn something about them as well. I love the way Budgie nails the various personalities of the hobbits in the sorts of questions they ask: Pippin's frank and open curiousity, Merry's observant and practical questions, Frodo's attempts to mask his own curiousity in politeness, and Sam's efforts to connect what he sees to what he already knows. And Strider's own observations as he tries to satisfy them without seeming any more threatening than someone twice their size and bristling with weapons would are very amusing as well. A lovely "getting acquainted" fic!

Reviewed by: Imhiriel  ✧  Score: 5

A realistic cross-cultural moment, taking a plausible look at the beginning of the acquaintance of the Hobbits with "Strider". Aragorn's deliberations are reasonable and show much common sense as well as his much-needed ability to quickly adapt his demeanor to his surroundings. The Hobbits' characterisations are equally well-done. The humour of the situation is all the more effective because of this solid groundwork and excellent pacing. It reminds me of so many children, who seem also strangely fascinated by witnessing their father doing what Aragorn does here.

Reviewed by: obsidianj  ✧  Score: 4

Oh, I loved this. Talk about strange customs. Poor Aragorn, being watched that closely while shaving has to be disconcerting. I had to laugh at some of the comparisons his shaving drew. It never occurred to me to compare Aragorn's appearance with Frodo's. I loved Pippin's questions. His friends might seem him too forward, but I bet they wanted to know the answers too.

Reviewed by: Thundera Tiger  ✧  Score: 4

The last line of this story really did me. It reminded me of when Gandalf took Pippin to Minas Tirith and became exasperated with the number of questions that Pippin managed to put forth. And of course the shrewd Ranger would be clever enough to recognize the danger signs early on. Another part that I really liked was Merry's surprised ["Bree?"] in response to Aragorn's talk of civilized people. Little moments like that kept the story fun, while the culture clash itself was highly enjoyable.

Reviewed by: crowdaughter  ✧  Score: 4

I do not normally read many Hobbit-centered stories, but this one was a delightful read, and very humorous, indeed. The way the questions unnerved Aragorn was delightful, and I especially loved the reaction of the Hobbits to his remark of not drawing attention to himself under civilized people. Very funny, and very well done. Thank you for writing and sharing!

Reviewed by: NeumeIndil  ✧  Score: 3

And now we know why Aragorn looked so scraggly and worn when they camped on Weathertop! This was HILARIOUS! Your hobbits are far more like those I saw in my head when I read the books that what I've read in some stories. Such a nice little gap filler.

Reviewed by: Antane  ✧  Score: 3

Indeed a 'getting to know you moment' - and I'm sure there were many more as the Fellowship bonded. Frodo's horror at Pippin's curiosity being rude is cute, though Pippin is innocently asking things.

Reviewed by: Linda Hoyland  ✧  Score: 3

A truly delightful story in which the Hobbits are fascinated by Aragorn shaving much to the poor man's discomfort. THe Hobbits have no experience of shaving so their comments are hilarious,though not much fun for Aragorn who keeps cutting himself. A nice glimpse of different cultures getting to know one another.

Reviewed by: Larner  ✧  Score: 3

Hilarious, delightful, full of Hobbity humor--this was a joy to reread once more! I'd love to see the series this began coninued, actually! Do continue it when you can! Aragorn coming to know the four Hobbits better and trying to help them become more comfortable with Men and himself in particular is priceless!

Reviewed by: Dwimordene  ✧  Score: 3

[the 'getting to know you' period during which strangers become friends] reads the tag line. Alternatively, one could find new temptations to strangling certain traveling companions! Amusing - I can sympathize with the sentiment in that last line, even as I laugh.

Reviewed by: nancylea  ✧  Score: 1

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