Rain on the Downs

Author: Breon Briarwood

Nominator: trikywun

2007 Award Category: Races: Hobbits

Story Type: Story  ✧  Length: Other Ficlet

Rating: General  ✧  Reason for Rating: N/A

Summary: Frodo's adventure is plagued by rain.

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Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon  ✧  Score: 3

This is a clever response to a challenge. I like the way the line between adventure, legend, and childhood imagination, is blurred. I would have liked the ficlet to be a little longer, but it does work well at the current length.

Reviewed by: trikywun  ✧  Score: 2

I especially enjoyed the flashback here. Frodo is my favourite character and I always like to see more of his background. Good use of the elements of the story challenge.

Reviewed by: Inkling  ✧  Score: 2

Rain--and hunger--can drive a hobbit to desperate measures indeed! An enjoyable ficlet with a clever twist at the end.

Reviewed by: Larner  ✧  Score: 2

A wonderful tale of childhood adventures, unfortunately one that didn't happen as did the real one so many years later. But burned fingers can teach a lesson.

Reviewed by: Dreamflower  ✧  Score: 2

At first I thought this was AU, but was soon surprised by the twist at the end! Very neatly done!