Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Heirs of the Oath

Author: Elana
Nominator: Elana
2006 Award Category: Races: Men: Other Fixed-Length Ficlets

Story Type: Fixed-Length Ficlet : Length: Fixed-Length Ficlet Series
Rating: G -- Reason for Rating: N/A
Summary: The Oath of Cirion and Eorl, and those who are bound by it.

Reviewed by: Dwimordene -- Score: 5

This is a very thoughtful pair of drabbles, featuring Boromir and Theodred, Aragorn and Eomer. Legacy is the theme that binds them together: the Oath of Cirion and Eorl has many heirs, but the heirs themselves are not simply bound to the oath but to those who came before them as oath-takers. Eomer, seeing that legacy broken by untimely death of cousin and Denethor's elder son, finds in his oath-taking with Aragorn a connection to both the history of the nations, but also to two men who loom large in his past, and it's to the memory of his cousin and Boromir that he finds the personal meaning of the ancient oath. Well done, Elana!

Reviewed by: Dreamflower -- Score: 4

The relationship of Gondor and Rohan is not simply that of an alliance between nations, but of friendship and trust between individuals. This is explored first, by a visit of a young Boromir, who is studied by Theodred, and later by Eomer and Elessar. It seems only fitting that they renew the oath, not only for the sake of Cirion and Eorl, but for the sake of those other two.

Reviewed by: Tanaqui -- Score: 4

Elana has matched the first and second parts of this pair of drabbles well to provide a satisfying reflection on the shifting and intertwined fortunes of Gondor and Rohan. The first drabble paints a vivid picture of Boromir's expansive personality, Theodred's wisdom, and Eomer's growing understanding of what it takes to be a king. In the second drabble, Elana gives added depth to the renewal of the Oath between Aragorn and Eomer in Eomer's reflections. Good work!

Reviewed by: dkpalaska -- Score: 4

This double-drabble explores an excellent perception that Aragorn and Eomer are not only heirs to distant figures in the past, but the recently dead also. Nice movement between two different times and places using evocative descriptions, with Eomer as the anchor. The characters feel very right in this piece and the parallels are aptly and deftly drawn. The dialogue and internal thoughts are well constructed also.

Reviewed by: Imhiriel -- Score: 3

The connections you make here - from history, to the intended ceremony that could never actually be carried out, to the finally realised renewal of the oath, in joy but also with the shadows of sorrow - are interwoven very cleverly and moving. The description of the Halifirien is breath-taking.

Reviewed by: Marta -- Score: 3

This is a poignant drabble pairing of inherited responsibilities not just from forefathers but from men they both knew before they died. it seemed a teensy bit odd to me that Theodred should think he would be renewing his oath - did all Rohirric kings do this, I wonder? - but it made for a lovely parallel.

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon -- Score: 3

I especially like the way Theodred is written here, brief as his appearance is, intelligent as well as confident. Good parallels between Theodred/Boromir and Eorl/Cirion, and skillful conveyance of the poignancy in the doomed heirs never having been able to stand in their ancestor's places.

Reviewed by: Elen Kortirion -- Score: 3

I like the this very much, the way that you have woven both the stories to shadow each other. There is a lovely mixture of warmth and sadness contained in the writing which is especially eloquent in Eomer last lines.

Reviewed by: SĂșlriel -- Score: 2

Fantastic. You gave me chills with what Theodred said to Boromir, and tied it in very nicely to Aragorn and Eomer.

Reviewed by: Gandalfs apprentice -- Score: 2

A beautifully done drabble pair, capturing the solemnity of the moment as well as the emotions of the men involved.

Reviewed by: annmarwalk -- Score: 1

Oooh. Simple, well-told, spine-chillingly beautiful.

Reviewed by: Jenn_Calaelen -- Score: 1

An interesting view of these characters.