Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards


Author: Elana
Nominator: Elana
2006 Award Category: Times: The Great Years: General Fixed-Length Ficlets

Story Type: Fixed-Length Ficlet : Length: True Drabble
Rating: G -- Reason for Rating: n/a
Summary: The Ring's final temptation of Frodo.

Reviewed by: Dwimordene -- Score: 4

Excellent insight into how the Ring might have made its final appeal--Gollum and Smeagol loom large, as does Bilbo, and even Gandalf, who together circumscribe the importance of pity and the desire for good that is the last and greatest temptation to the truly great. I can well believe this might be what undid Frodo in the end, as worn out and exhausted as he was. Very well done!

Reviewed by: Tanaqui -- Score: 4

Oh, what a wonderful notion Elana presents in this drabble for why Frodo might have been persuaded to claim the Ring! She does a marvellous job of showing the way the Ring works through different temptations until it at last finds the one that will be effective. The reader is left with a tremendous sense of malice, heightened by the way evil has exploited and perverted a good impulse (perhaps the best). A terrific (and terrifying) drabble.

Reviewed by: SĂșlriel -- Score: 3

how incredibly insightful. That the ring would use Frodo's kindness against home. I have always wondered how our dear sweet, strong Frodo could have fallen to temptation, even to the One Ring, and this drabble answers that very well. very well done.

Reviewed by: Dreamflower -- Score: 3

Oh how It knows him by now, knows that pleading for mercy is Its only chance, knows that if, by his merciful nature he can be persuaded to let down his guard for even an instant, It can pounce--yes, I've sometimes thought that might easily be It's last temptation. Very well done!

Reviewed by: Nesta -- Score: 2

An interesting approach. I'd have to take it as AU; Tolkien's Ring is too powerful and evil to work this way, I think.

Reviewed by: Llinos -- Score: 1

An interesting take on why Frodo may have claimed the Ring at the last.