Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Thoughtful Company

Author: EdorasLass
Nominator: annmarwalk
2008 Award Category: Genres: Humor: Gondor

Story Type: Story : Length: Short Story
Rating: General -- Reason for Rating: n/a
Summary: Nanny overhears a conversation concerning dragons between young Faramir and Mithrandir

Reviewed by: annmarwalk -- Score: 9

[“ 'What must it be like?' I thought. 'To be so old and wise, and yet to have no child or kin to brighten his life?' ”] I always enjoy reading stories which explore the relationship between young Faramir and Mithrandir, so it's a great pleasure to see several of them nominated for the MEFAs this year. This tale, in particular, always brings a smile to my face, reminding me as it does of my own very inquisitive children, and the steps we took to nurture that boundless curiosity while at the same time encouraging the development of critical thinking skills (trying, like Mithrandir, not to let it out that we didn't really know the answers to some questions.) The story-within-the-story, “How did the dragons get their treasure to their lair?” is explored plausibly; these are certainly questions I never bothered to ask myself while reading “The Hobbit”, so it's very satisfying to see them explored here. Nanny is proud of Faramir's maturity and poise, and his obvious rapport with Mithrandir, , but intermingled with her pride is a bit of melancholy on the wizard's behalf, that he has no family or kin of his own. The manner in which she encourages Faramir's boundless generosity is perfectly in character, for both of them, and perfectly endearing as well.

Reviewed by: Imhiriel -- Score: 4

Now *that* is a fascinating question Faramir poses to Mithrandir! And one that, I'm sure, I'm not alone in never even thought about before... Faramir's suggestions seem very reasonable to me, and it's obvious that he has thought them through and really has taken into account the difficulties and possible consequences. Faramir's characterisation as a bright, earnest child rings very true, and Mithrandir's, as seen through Nanny's perceptive and kind eyes, as well.

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon -- Score: 4

A lovely look at the relationship of Gandalf and the child Faramir; seen through the eyes of Faramir's loving, and perceptive, nanny. EdorasLass writes Faramir as the bright, inquisitive child that I am sure Tolkien envisioned; and the conversation between the boy and the wizard is wonderfully written. Great use of Middle-earth history and Gandalf's own history, too.

Reviewed by: dkpalaska -- Score: 4

I think I've enjoyed every story that has had perceptive and loving Nanny in it. She is in a superb situation to witness to and/or interact with many of the great individuals of her day, and this is yet another wonderful example. All the interactions are well done, as are the references to how well Nanny knows the youngster in her charge. I love her insight regarding Mithrandir and one of the likely reasons that he enjoys Faramir's company so much, and how she encourages Faramir to do something that would speak to that insight.

Reviewed by: Larner -- Score: 4

Between them Gandalf and Faramir solve the question of how it is that a dragon might carry its plunder back to its lair. A wonderful conversation overheard by Nanny, and a gentle glance into the relationship Denethor's younger son developed with the Grey Pilgrim. One finds oneself wondering just how much Mithrandir foresaw of what awaited the boy and his family once he came to manhood. Poignant and gentle.

Reviewed by: Bodkin -- Score: 4

Faramir is a treasure far greater than any dragon's hoard, and I'm sure Mithrandir would have loved to be able to spend much more of his time in the boy's company. And bless Nanny - I think she would like to adopt the wizard as a surrogate grandfather for her little rabbit. Good thinking on Faramir's part, too! A problem of logistics that wouldn't cross many minds! Lovely story.

Reviewed by: Nancy Brooke -- Score: 2

I liked this very much, and the consideration of Gandalf as a fatherly figure without offspring.

Reviewed by: nancylea -- Score: 1

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