Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Elegy for Númenor

Author: elfscribe
Nominator: Moreth
2009 Award Category: Genres: Longer Works: Incomplete - First Place

Story Type: Incomplete : Length: Novel
Rating: Mature -- Reason for Rating: Sex scenes which are pertinent to the plot, but somewhat explicit, both slash and het. Violence.
Summary: Just the beginning of a much longer novel Chronicles the last days of Númenor from the time Sauron "surrenders" to Ar-Pharazôn to the fall of the empire.

Reviewed by: Russandol -- Score: 10

I am enjoying this story so much! The way elfscribe has is building up to Ar-Pharazon's seduction by Sauron is just brilliant. All the characters are so believable and alive, and Mairon himself... well, words fail me, he may be utterly evil but I find him much more likeable than any of the Numenoreans. Sauron's machinations with his slaves in Barad-dur to allow him to carry out his fallback plan is a great read, and so is how he presents himself for the first time to the King and his advisors. Even more interesting is how he feeds on his victimes desires and fears to manipulate them and how he is able to endure all sorts of "inconveniences" - and I bet there is much more to come - to achieve his goal. I will cheer when he finally turns the tables on Ar-Pharazon and he gets his retribution. If what has been written so far is any sign of what's to come, I am anticipating highly enjoyable scenes, carefully schemed by the Deceiver, power games to make the King believe he is master, when in truth he is not... And let us not forget Sauron's wickedly beautiful form, stolen from - well, read the story if you want to know! I will be looking forward to more updates. Please elfscribe, keep writing and don't keep us waiting too long!

Reviewed by: pandemonium_213 -- Score: 10

Elfscribe is one of those authors who, when I read her work, make me sigh wistfully and think, "I wish I could write like that." She is a brilliant wordsmith, a superb storyteller, and a master crafter of character. [Elegy for Númenor] is representative of her talents. She has said this is a story which has been in her mind for quite some time and was begging to be told. Fortunately, she listened to her muse. [Elegy] is choc-a-block with with memorable characters. These include the canonical: Sauron, Elendil, Amandil & Pharazôn -- and what wonderful interpretations of they are, too. Complex, intelligent, and each one exquisitely drawn with details that never become overwrought. I'm a big fan of OCs in Tolkienian fan fic and Elfscribe's are among the best. The guileful Sûla is such a pleasure to read -- like rolling around rich sticky chocolate-covered caramel infused with hot chili pepper in one's mouth. Elfscribe's trademark sense of humor infuses each chapter and often leaves me hooting with laughter. I love her interpretation of the Dark Lord and doff my own black hat to 'Scribe in a big way for giving him such a distinctive personality with deliciously dark idiosyncrasies. Couple that humor to fierce intelligence. Elfscribe puts a lot of thought into her story, the details of setting and most of all, her characters, and this shines in [Elegy].

Reviewed by: Ignoble Bard -- Score: 8

This is an ambitious work, rich in detail and full of great characterizations and set pieces. Sauron can be such a marvelous character in the right hands and Elfscribe has made him just the kind of vain, arrogant, self-indulgent type that one would expect, but with a three dimensionality missing from most portrayals. He’s not simply an evil tyrant but is can also be charming and persuasive when necessity arises. But it’s not just Sauron who stands out here, all the characters here are fully realized and noteworthy, from the Witch King to Ar-Pharazôn’s Umbar cupbearer. It is fascinating to see how Sauron plies his schemes on the unsuspecting humans around him, exploiting each weakness with the skill of a maestro. It’s evident from this well crafted story that Elfscribe has put a lot of thought into the details of language and culture which enhances the complexity of her creation. The only problem with WIP’s is having to wait for the next chapter, but on a journey this delightful and riveting, getting there is half the fun.

Reviewed by: Jael -- Score: 6

I bet we're all sick to the teeth of those review that start out with, "I don't usually read *fill in the blank* but . . ." Well, I'm sorry to perpetrate yet another one. I have had the great privilege to watch this story taking shape elsewhere, and frankly at the outset I could not have cared less about Sauron, Ar-Pharazon, and the downfall of Numenor. That state of mind lasted for about three paragraphs, and then I was well and truly hooked. Elfscribe is a writer to die for. Sûla is one of the best original characters I have ever run across, and I can hardly wait to see how the rest of this story plays out. Yes, it's that good! I'm pleased to see this story running as a WIP, because that means I will have the opportunity to vote for it twice. Please, Elfscribe -- give us a little more?

Reviewed by: Moreth -- Score: 5

I love this story. It unrolls like the best Hollywood epic - with stunning villains, exotic costumes, and dramatic speeches! It simply oozes style... As it is a WIP, waiting for it to slowly develop is a torture worthy of the Dark Protagonist himself. But (I think I speak for most who have read these early chapters) the star of the show is certainly Sûla! A survivor, an opportunist, a beautiful and intelligent courtesan - and amazing character! My thanks to elfscribe for writing something that has given me so much pleasure to watch developing... I hope many more will find and enjoy this story! (Errr... no pressure, elfscribe. None at all... Oops.)