Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Scattered Leaves

Author: Eldalie
Nominator: Nieriel Raina
2010 Award Category: Genres: Romance

Story Type: Story : Length: Novel
Rating: Teen -- Reason for Rating: My story contains theme, such as loss, angst, and war, that may not be suitable for children younger than 13.
Summary: When Míriel came to Mirkwood, Legolas found love. But when she goes visiting her native land of Ithilien and meets the Captain of Gondor, things may happen that even the wisdom of the Elves cannot prevent...

Reviewed by: Nieriel Raina -- Score: 6

I had seen this story many times on the newly updated list of various archives and had skipped over it for many reasons: 1) I can't stand first person point of view. 2) Legolas/OFC in which the heroine then falls for a MORTAL? The horror! 3) It has a certain archaic stiffness to it that sets my teeth on edge... By all rights, I should not have read it. And if it had not turned up for HASA review, I probably would not have. And what a gem I would have missed! By all rights, with so much against it in regard to my taste in reading, I should hate this story, but instead it left me in tears and I am in awe how the author could bring so many elements that I can't stand into a story and make it so moving, so HUMAN. I am duly impressed by a tale well told. A beautiful story.

Reviewed by: curiouswombat -- Score: 5

At first I was unsure of this story - and yet it held my interest, this tale of an elleth pulled between love for the prince of the woods in which her people have found shelter, the love of her own woods, despoiled by Sauron, and her love for the mortal ranger captain who cares for those woods as much as she does. I found myself reading each new chapter as it was posted, feeling the sorrow of all involved, as such tangled relationships can only lead to pain - as this story confirms. And the ending, sad in many ways, is very right, and with a sense of hope for all. I would certainly recommend that you give this tale your time.