Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Relaxation Techniques

Author: EdorasLass
Nominator: annmarwalk
2007 Award Category: Genres: Romance: Pre-Ring War

Story Type: Story : Length: Short Story
Rating: Teen -- Reason for Rating: Mild innuedno.
Summary: Théodred is angry and overwrought from a difficult encounter with Grima and the King's Council; Boromir braves Théodred's temper to help him to unwind.

Reviewed by: annmarwalk -- Score: 10

It's a very simple story, really: Théodred is angry and overwrought from a difficult encounter with Grima and the King's Council; Boromir helps him to unwind. The result, from the skilled and loving hands of EdorasLass, is neither smut nor schmoop but a heartening tale of honesty, affection, and trust. What I've always loved about EdorasLass's writing of these characters is how she vividly portrays them as perfectly matched in power and strength, and the affection and regard of their people. But they are also in complete understanding of each other's burdens and insecurities, more so than anyone else in the world. Their rare meetings provide opportunities to relax and be themselves without self-consciousness, allowing them to set aside for a time the Alpha-male personas they must continually present to the world. Although physical intimacy, past and future, is implicit in the story, the focal point is the emotional intimacy that exists between Boromir and Théodred, which draws and binds them far more firmly than simple passion. I would certainly be remiss in my comments if I did not dwell a bit on the imagery here: Theodred pacing the room like a restless lion; the bemused Boromir ordering him to sit down; the moment when it seems their whole relationship hangs in the balance. […“Sit. Down.” Boromir repeated forcefully, crossing his arms over his chest and facing Théodred squarely. “You need to calm yourself, and you cannot do that when you are stalking around the room in such a manner.” Théodred’s eyes narrowed dangerously at the unmistakable note of authority in Boromir’s voice. A heavy tension suddenly hung between them, but Boromir ignored it and only continued to stare at the other man as he might a new, impertinent recruit. He hoped that he had not pushed Théodred too far – Boromir was aware that he stood a chance of having that anger turned on him.] And certainly any Boromir fan will appreciate the loving detail with which EdorasLass describes of the skillful use to which our hero puts those hands! A very satisfying addition to the chronicles of Boromir and Théodred's relationship.

Reviewed by: Imhiriel -- Score: 6

Wonderful characterisations; their fierceness and fire, and then tenderness and sympathy, is almost viscerally palpable; their actions are described very vividly. I especially liked how you convey their "manliness" *g*: by that I mean that despite the passion and love equally evident in the story (if more implied than expressed directly), they are still strong, capable warriors and leaders of men. And despite the tight focus on the two men, there is still a brief but concise glimpse of the cultural differences between Rohan and Gondor, and the beginnings of Gríma's machinations. ["Théodred glanced over his shoulder quizzically. “Remove my shirt? Boromir, I mean no offense, but I am not in the mood –“ Boromir rolled his eyes as he stood and went to retrieve the bottle of oil from underneath the bed."] I think I read to much slash *g*: The idea of Boromir getting the bottle of oil from *that* place (when we know exactly *why* it is there) just when Théodred says he is not in the mood had me laughing hysterically.

Reviewed by: Marta -- Score: 4

Ah, the many facets of Theodred. We've all seen in-luv!Theo and hott!Theo, but here he gets to develop some rather nice sides of his personality. And he is an rascal, that's all there is for it. Even peeved, he is great fun, and Boromir met him point for point. I love seeing our boys in real situations like this; the passion (and not just the erotic sort) was tangible in the room, and Boromir was very skilled at the relaxation techniques. Nice work, EL.

Reviewed by: agape4gondor -- Score: 4

Ah! If you are ready for a moment of relaxation, then take that moment and read this little tale of great love. The story itself is as a massage done by a skillful masseuse. When I finished reading this, I would have been just perfectly at ease... if not for the last two lines which totally opened my eyes and made me sit up in wonder. Delightful moment with these two wondrous men.

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon -- Score: 3

A quasi-slashy interlude in Edoras with an angry, frustrated Theodred and Boromir, the latter attempting to calm the Rohir prince. EdorasLass writes sensibly of two strong men who are at ease and in love with each other. It's interesting to see Boromir portrayed convincingly as someone who can be reflective and persuasive.

Reviewed by: Larner -- Score: 2

A bad day at the office has nothing on an afternoon spent listening to the oily talk of Grima Wormtongue. At least Boromir is there to help Theoden relax....