Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

A Glorious Tradition

Author: Lyra
Nominator: Robinka
2011 Award Category: Modern Times: General

Story Type: Story : Length: Ficlet
Rating: General -- Reason for Rating: N/A
Summary: In the early 19th century, two musicians witness the birth of a legend. A humorous "Daeron and Maglor through the ages" story, written for the SWG B2MeM challenge: Write a story or poem or create a piece of artwork reflecting identification with or connection to one’s land, country or culture - or write a story or poem or create a piece of artwork featuring kilts.

Reviewed by: Russandol -- Score: 5

Oh, what a laugh, with Mr. MacLaurey and Mr. Darron as (ex-)members of a musical band or orchestra in nineteenth century Scotland. Our two favourite elvish musicians jab at our mortal traditions and how they come to be, using as a perfect example of contradiction the Scottish formal wear for men, which - I didn't know - turns out to have been invented for a wholly different purpose by... read the ficlet to find out. A most amusing, highly enjoyable story. I hope to see a few more glimpses of these two in our world, I'm sure their adventures are worth telling!

-- I hope to write more about these two in our world, too - both humorous (like this one) and serious (for which I have Plans but haven't done anything about them yet). So far, "Honi soit..." (http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/archive/home/reviews.php?type=ST&item=1050) is the only other "Maglor and Daeron in History" funny I've produced... Thank you for your lovely review!

Reviewed by: Virtuella -- Score: 4

Dear Lyra, Scotland is my adopted home and I can say from experience that there is some truth in what you say here - a certain tendency to romanticise things perhaps a little more than other nations do. Daeron and Maglor in this setting are very amusing, and it makes a welcome change to the gloomy Poor-Maglor-is-still-pining-after-all-these-milennia fics. Very well done.

-- I can't say whether the inhabitants of Scotland romanticise things more than others - but as some of their traditions are so very popular around the world, it's probably more noticeable! ;) I'm glad you enjoyed this story, particularly the funny tone that indeed deviates a bit from the more common pining-for-the-Silmarils interpretation. Thank you for your review!

Reviewed by: Windsurfbabe -- Score: 4

A funny piece containing everyone's favourite musicians, this was a pleasure to read - as well as a source of enlightment, since it speaks of a tradition I always loved but always knew very little about. It is interesting to see how elves, having seen History unravel firsthand, remember things differently - maybe because they were, indeed, there when they happened, or maybe because the emotional value those traditions represent is lost on them.

-- Yes and yes ;) Thank you for the lovely review, I'm glad you enjoyed this ficlet!

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon -- Score: 3

A nifty, intelligently written, and amusing story - I love the idea of Maglor and Daeron hanging out together in 19th century Scotland, plying their trades in an orchestra. Their dialogue evinces long familiarity between the characters. I would like to see more stories of these two Elven bards in the world of Men.

-- Thank you for the lovely review - I'm glad you enjoyed this! I've written only one more story about those two in history (http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/archive/home/viewstory.php?sid=1050), but I do hope I'll get around to some more eventually. :)

Reviewed by: Caunedhiel -- Score: 3

I liked your Daeron very much, and I can quite easily imagine them pair in that situation, I think you brought him to life very well in such a short piece. I would love to read more if there is any? Thanks for sharing :)

-- There's a wee bit more at the SWG, a short little thing called "Honi soit..." (http://www.silmarillionwritersguild.org/archive/home/reviews.php?type=ST&item=1050), if you're curious. Thank you for your lovely review!

Reviewed by: Liadan -- Score: 3

This was great. Daeron argues with those who would rewrite history into a more palatable form without regard to accuracy while Maglor atempts to lend his support by chiming in -- discreetly, of course.

-- Thank you for your review - I'm glad you had fun with this!

Reviewed by: Himring -- Score: 3

Lyra's "Daeron and Maglor through the ages" stories are fun. I hope she writes more of them! The "glorious tradition" of the title is not one that stands up to much scrutiny by long-memoried elves--although checking the historical records would quickly lead a non-elf to the same conclusion...

-- I hope I'll be inspired for more stories like this, too. Thank you for your kind words!

Reviewed by: Independence1776 (Crystal113) -- Score: 2

Lyra's story is a wonderfully funny piece on the true origins of kilts, as witnessed by Maglor and Daeron.

-- Glad you enjoyed it! :)