Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Crossroads of Time

Author: Ellie
Nominator: Ellie
2007 Award Category: Genres: Alternate Universe

Story Type: Story : Length: Novel
Rating: Teen -- Reason for Rating: Violence, suggestive situations
Summary: A pupil of Elrond's from another world and time is faced with the opportunity and plenty of incentive to change Arda's past, but finds herself becoming a part of it instead. Glorfindel figures prominently in this.Takes place in Gondolin.

Reviewed by: agape4gondor -- Score: 8

I started reading your tale about 2 days ago - got hooked - line and sinker - and so last night I thought I'd just try to read as far as I could and then go to bed - WELL - I never got to bed till 2:30am - read from 6:30pm on - with a quick break for a bite and then back into the thick of Gondolin... You write very well - the story was riveting, the characters very good and the situations were plausible... I thought your premise was believable - with the time machine and such. My heart broke for the entire family - and I loved the ending. Though I was ready to deal with their separation, I rejoiced in their reunion. I was very surprised that you took the story all the way to the Fall of Gondolin - The four hour timespan had me thinking this was going to be a short pice - BUT I loved that you wrote that time! Their courtship was delightful, the ban by Turgon rescinded believably, and their children were a delight. Sadness abounds for the Elves but you made the tale positive. I liked that very much. The story really, really works! Great job and thanks for sharing!!!

Reviewed by: Istarnie -- Score: 8

I have only recently started reading this story, but am already captivated by the originality and descriptive prowess of the author. Ellie has written some amazing stories, but this one is superb in it's conception of time travel back from Imladris to the First Age, and in its characterisation of Glorfindel, Ecthelion, and the inhabitants of Gondolin. As for her OOC, Ariella, Ellie has developed the character's background and struggle with something akin to the 'Prime Directive' - not wanting her presence to alter the course of history - to the extent of making me really care what happens to her. I can actually empathise with this time travelling alien; doomed to love one who is himself doomed. Ellie also shows much of the innate nobility of the Eldar - the strength of will of Idril and the sternness of Turgon in the chapters I have read. All this, plus the usual beauty of her prose, has enabled me to view the known characters afresh, and I feel I have gained a much better understanding of them. I can't wait for time to finish reading the whole thing.

Reviewed by: Fiondil -- Score: 6

The characters in this story were well delineated, especially Glorfindel. The exchange between Glorfindel and his brothers in Chapter 13, for example, was quite funny and with four brothers of my own I could totally relate. It was also interesting to see something of daily life in Gondolin and how Ariella interacted with the people there while trying to prepare for the eventual destruction of the city. However, the premise of an alien race "rescuing" Arda had me wondering and much is not explained. Did Ariella's people come to Arda before, during, or after the Ring War and how did their coming affect the history of Middle-earth at the end of the Third Age as we know it? It would have been nice if some of this could have been explained in the story more fully even if Ariella did not explain it to anyone in Gondolin. In spite of this, though, I thought it a good first novel.

Reviewed by: Nieriel Raina -- Score: 4

First, I need to say that I do NOT read elf/mortal romances. I just don't. And I do NOT read modern girl in Middle-earth! Nope, can't abide them! So, I'm a little perplexed to say thoroughly enjoyed this story! I would not have read it if not referred by someone else, but I am glad I did! It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to this kind of a tale. I actually could not sleep for needing to finish the story But I was very glad I did so! A most unusual and well done tale! I applaud Ellie for such a feat.