Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards


Author: Ellie
Nominator: Ellie
2007 Award Category: Races: Elves

Story Type: Story : Length: Other Ficlet
Rating: Teen -- Reason for Rating: suggestive situations, blood and gore after battle
Summary: A series of vingnettes all involving the catalyst of something glistening during a key time in the lives of each generation of Thingol's line. Part I: Thingol and Melian; Part II: Beren and Luthien; Part III: Dior and Nimloth; Part IV: Earendil; Part V. Elrond; Part VI a & b:Elladan and Elrohir. Earendil is included in this even though he is just a spouse of the line of Thingol because he is the only one of this whole lot who Tolkien himself described as "glistening".

Reviewed by: Rhapsody -- Score: 10

[this review contains spoilers] [Glistening] is a vignette series that all works tremendously well together. As stand alone stories, all the vignettes mark an important event, but it seems that the theme Ellie has chosen works down in every generation to come. I would rave on to describe the effects of this series, so I am going to settle for a beautiful and skilled story weaving, and marvellous descriptions. Starting with Olwë and his love, Ellie takes the reader on the road of wondrous moments and deeply moving thoughts of her chosen characters. Eärendil and Elrond somehow remain my most favourites in this. [There Eärendil shone; a light for both elves and men. Pity and awe consumed Eonwë’s heart as he triumphantly called to the young peredhel in a mighty voice.] In this vignette, the narrative works so incredibly well. The manner how she portrayed Tirion through Eärendil's eyes, the feeling of despair that he might be too late and failed the two kindreds. [He knew in his heart beyond all doubt that his calling was not to be regent of an elven nation, but caretaker of a people. With a sigh, he accepted the task with the heavy burdens and responsibilities that would accompany it. Taking a deep steadying breath, he placed Vilya upon his finger, and the renewal began.] I love this part immensely. Not only compared to the rulership of the Noldor, Elrond shoulders much more than the guardianship of the ring. Ellie writes this so well in this line: [Gil-Galad may not have been able to force him to take up the crown of the Noldor, but he did thrust a different circlet of power upon him, and it was one Elrond dared not refuse.] It just feels as of that moment, we have reached a turning point in the history of Arda. The vignette series ends with Elladan and Elrohir, and her take on the twins is quite refreshing. Ellie managed to give the two of them quite a different personality with their own motives to fight for the good cause. One is driven by vengeance, the other wishes to keep the family together. Looking at this vignette series as a while many themes pass by: Falling in love, celebrating love, bringing forth a new one, fighting for your generation when you really must and, when your offspring can do it own their own one has to set them free and remain a caretaker on the background. Thank you Ellie, for sharing this work with us, it has been most thought provoking.

Reviewed by: geek_chick -- Score: 10

[Contains Spoilers] I read this story earlier on another site, but when I saw it here I had to review it again! In Part I, I liked Thingol’s frustration at the progress of their journey, and at his sudden change when he met Melian. (Also, his frustrations give some good insight into why the Great Journey took so long!) Part II was sweet, and I liked how you ended it with Luthien announcing her pregnancy, continuing the generational theme of the story (and Beren’s reaction was cute too!) I think Part III is one of my favorites -- I love how both parents saw a vision of Elwing’s future, and how fitting her name is for those visions. Part IV was very interesting, I like how Earendil had known his whole life what is future would be, so we knew how sad and frustrated he must be at finding Tirion empty! [BTW, when I reviewed this story at FF.net, I said that I had never pictured Earendil’s arrival at Valinor like this. That was because at the time, I had forgotten that Tirion was empty when he arrived!] I also like Eonwe’s wonder at seeing Earendil, it was an interesting perspective. Part V was an interesting look at Elrond’s life. I liked your explanation of why he did not become the new High King, of how Elrond immediately recognized that the Eldar would fade and his role in being a caretaker rather than a leader. The two parts on Elladan and Elrohir were rather bittersweet -- how sad that Elladan thinks of his weapons as his lover and family now! (And how fitting that he sings a love song while he cleans his weapons -- when you first read that line, it sounds weird that he would sing a love song, but later on you realize why.) And to end the story with Elrohir realizing their family was broken was so sad after reading several chapters about the previous generations of the family (especially since most of the earlier chapters were happy chapters). Yes, there is a hint of hope at the end, but the reader knows the family will still never be whole after Arwen’s choice! (Or at least, they will never be whole before the end of Arda!) I also liked your choices of what would be glistening in each chapter, each choice was very fitting. Overall, an excellent story!

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon -- Score: 3

Intriguing set of short pieces, using the word 'glistening' in connection with several generations of one line of Elves, from Thingol to Elrohir. My favorite piece was that describing Elrond's acquisition of Vilya; there's some lovely description of the fabled ring. The last vignette, Elrohir's, is quite haunting as well.

Reviewed by: Larner -- Score: 3

In each generation there was something different that glistened, from Elu Thingol finding Melian singing within the wood to Elladan and Elrohir finding a different purpose to their lives and a different source for the glistening they knew. Glorious and sad at the same time, and well, well worth the read.