Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Finding a Way

Author: Elfique
Nominator: TrekQueen
2007 Award Category: Genres: Drama: Second Age or Earlier

Story Type: Story : Length: Medium Length
Rating: Teen -- Reason for Rating: The tale features mildly described battle sequences and romance at a low key level.
Summary: A tale following an elven child’s growth into a remote being as he struggles to discover his history: a history tainted by the destruction of Eregion. Too many are blighted by what they saw to recount to him the wonders of the jewel smiths, too many are too sorrowful to tell him of lost kin. Duties bring him nearer to truth and peace of mind as well as new faces and chances. Will he learn correctly from the past to live in joy and love or will he let what once was overcome him.

Reviewed by: TrekQueen -- Score: 6

[spoilers] The story of Celeglin returns here as a sequel to [From Evil to Sorrow]. The young elf's life has been difficult but he has been surrounded by caring family and has risen high and accomplished much, yet he is still missing something. Then enters Elemiriel who turns this story of self-discovery into romance and soul-searching. Neatly placing the characters in their lives in Imladris and Lorien, Elfique has the two lovers intermingle with many with whom we are familiar with from Tolkien's work but lets it still remain central to these two elves who fatefully came together. A wonderfully refreshing yet heart-wrenching piece, one cannot help but be swept away by it and the innocent love of Elemiriel and Celeglin. We suffer with them and love with them as events pass but in the end, they survive and continue with love. Bravo!