Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Legolas of Mirkwood, Prince Among Equals

Author: Ellen Brundige
Nominator: tyellas
2005 Award Category: Genres: Non-Fiction: Elves

Story Type: Non-Fiction : Length: N/A
Rating: PG -- Reason for Rating: An essay for a general audience.
Summary: An essay piecing together Legolas' unusual upbringing and family history from Tolkien's lesser-known writings. This is not the Legolas that most fans know!

Reviewed by: Thundera Tiger -- Score: 6

Absolutely brilliant examination of Legolas! What I really enjoyed about this was the emphasis on Legolas being a Wood-Elf rather than being a Sinda royal. As the essay points out, the text certainly supports a light-hearted version of Legolas who seems to be relatively untouched by Sindar heritage. But most especially, I liked the conclusion that states Legolas would "rather be known for the company he keeps than for his noble father." It's something I need to keep in mind, and this essay was a good reminder of that. Well written, very comprehensive, and the extrapolations are supported by logical arguments as well as canon text. Well done.

Reviewed by: Tanaqui -- Score: 5

This essay provides a very good guide to what Tolkien actually wrote about Legolas for those who have come to Tolkienís works through the movies and who are not familiar with Tolkienís posthumously published writings -- and therefore may be labouring under certain misconceptions about Legolas. The relatively informal style is well suited to this audience, although I found the overall structure somewhat unclear. However, this piece does a good job of assembling the available evidence about Legolas and initiating a discussion about its meaning.

Reviewed by: lainien -- Score: 2

I've read this essay on Legolas before. I think it makes some interesting points about some of the most debated topics surrounding this really popular (since the movies) character.

Reviewed by: elanor_of_aquitania -- Score: 2

Nice compilation. Makes me ask the heretic question: what if Legolas' father Thranduil was simply a normal Elf with the same name as his king? So Legolas would be a simple elf without any royal connections.