Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

In The Stillness Between Moments

Author: Elariel Erestorion
Nominator: Failivrin of The Rondothlim
2006 Award Category: Times: Multi-Age: Incomplete

Story Type: Incomplete : Length: Novel
Rating: PG-13 -- Reason for Rating: Character death, violence
Summary: This story is up until this point a first person perspective 'girl falls into Middle Earth' story. It begins in the year 2004 C.E. with a rather studious socially conscious university student named Anne-Marie. She through as yet unexplained circumstances finds herself in Beleriand at the fall of the Noldorin city of Gondolin. The story recounts her time so far in Middle-Earth. This is a work in progress. Summary from FF.net: I am Eruanna Mernaselde of the house of the Tree, once I was called Anne Marie Buchanan and I will be known by that name again. This is my story, a true story, although it all occurred, in the stillness between two moments. LaiqualasseOC not Mary Sue

Reviewed by: Dreamflower -- Score: 1

The author displays a keen awareness of social issues.