Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards


Author: EdorasLass
Nominator: Branwyn
2006 Award Category: Genres: Humor: Children - Third Place

Story Type: Other Fiction : Length: Ficlet
Rating: G -- Reason for Rating: n/a
Summary: Boromir is extremely displeased that his infant brother is playing with his dearest toy.

Reviewed by: Branwyn -- Score: 9

Young Boromir throws a fit when his baby brother tries to teeth on his beloved toy horse. The story is written from the loving but amused viewpoint of their Nanny. The portrayal of the children is hilariously accurate. Boromir treats the stuffed horse as a person with its own feelings, and he is extravagantly possessive toward his favorite toy. Nanny shows patience and the wisdom borne of long experience as she saves the pony and reassures Boromir. Baby Faramir is easily distracted by another toy; he will happily teeth on whatever he can get his hands on. I laughed when Boromir scornfully refers to his little brother as [that baby], as if he is much more than a baby himself. I loved Boromir's insistence that the pony be washed in a certain way and his concern that Nanny would not do it right. This tale is part of Edoraslass and Annmarwalk's funny and sweet Pony!verse, which is centered around two toy ponies that were made by Morwen Steelsheen and are passed down through the generations. Few people write child characters as well as Edoraslass. She writes them with affection and great understanding. This is a very warm and funny fic.

Reviewed by: annmarwalk -- Score: 6

(Wipes tears from laughing) You know, you have completely spoiled me for reading anybody else’s versions of young Boromir and Faramir – no one else seems to write with such wit, and affection, and absolute truth about the behavior of young children. Every single element of the story is perfect – teething Faramir chewing on anything within reach; Boromir’s anguish over his beloved toy companion covered with baby slobber, even the way Faramir becomes “that baby” when his older brother is angry with him. Even the tiniest detail – washing Clover in lavender soap and setting her to dry in the sun – is exquisitely crafted. I adore these bitty stories, and always greet the arrival of a new one with a whoop of delight. Thank you for giving us such joyful recollections of our favorite brothers’ childhood.

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon -- Score: 6

A wonderful little story of sibling rivalry in its most basic form, between the sons of Denethor. Only they're not grown men competing for their father's love, but a baby who has unwittingly stolen his big brother's favorite toy and the distressed older brother who wants his toy back. Luckily, the children have a sensible nanny, from whose gentle but firm viewpoint the tale is told. Boromir is well-written here, he is outraged, but good-hearted and well-taught enough not to physically harm the baby brother who is maltreating the precious toy. His desire to cherish the toy is a charming reflection of the nanny's own care of himself. And of course, the way Boromir refers to his younger brother as "that baby" when he's angry at him, seems very real as well as quite funny.

Reviewed by: Bodkin -- Score: 4

I just love the horse being called Clover. And Boromir's reaction to having baby slobber all over his favourite toy. Nanny is superb at looking after these two. She has such an instinctive understanding of the way children's minds work. It's fun to see Boromir at the stage when his little brother was referred to as that baby, too. Wonderful series of stories. I always look forward to new additions.

Reviewed by: Marigold -- Score: 3

This was wonderful! I loved Bromir calling his brother [that baby]! Being 5 when his brother came along, Boromir must have occasionaly been resentful of this new addition. His care for Clover is so sweet, especially the careful washing instructions. That he also cares for Faramir is very evident.

Reviewed by: Marta -- Score: 2

I like what you've done with Nanny's longsuffering patience here. It all seemed so natural, and quietly humorous.

Reviewed by: Nesta -- Score: 2

This is a sweet story, but it could concern any pair of little kids. I don't see anything Midle-Earthy about it.

Reviewed by: Dreamflower -- Score: 2

I love this--it is so typical of young children, and I just adore the character of the Nanny. You can tell this author has a good deal of experience in observing sibling interaction.

Reviewed by: Imhiriel -- Score: 2

Charming, funny and sweet. The children's behaviour and reactions are presented utterly believable. There are many wonderful lines, but this is may favourite: ["And be careful with his ears - he doesn't like it when you get water in his ears."]

Reviewed by: Jenn_Calaelen -- Score: 1

An amusing scene.

Reviewed by: Dwimordene -- Score: 1