Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Five Fires

Author: Elleth
Nominator: Elleth
2008 Award Category: Races: Elves: House of Finwe

Story Type: Story : Length: Other Ficlet
Rating: Teen -- Reason for Rating: Angst, slight allusions to character death, though far less graphic than anything in the Silmarillion.
Summary: Ambarussa is afraid of fire to this day. There were four instances in life that made him fear.

Reviewed by: Dawn Felagund -- Score: 5

Elleth's writing is always poetic with a slightly mysterious edge to it and "Five Fires" is no exception. Following the lives of Amrod and Amras from childhood till death, she touches on seemingly random moments using the motifs of fire and water to tie them together and show an emerging psychology for Ambarussa that eclipses what many other writers cannot manage with many more words. Her imagery is perceptive and keen, the sort of writing I want to savor for much longer than the story I'm given. As always, I recommend Elleth's writing highly for its haunting feel and her skill as an author, which few in the Tolkien fandom can match.

Reviewed by: Angelica -- Score: 4

The competition for the saddest character in [The Silmarillion] is a tough one. The author here follows the [Shibboleth of Feanor]'s turn of events and advances the nomination of the Ambarussa for that honor. In this collection of very short pieces, they are far from being a pointy eared version of the Weasley twins and achieve a truly tragic stature. Fire and water seem to be ever present in their lives and the apparently random events that the author chooses paint a full picture of the youngest Feanorians

Reviewed by: Larner -- Score: 2

Yes, it appears Ambarussa has valid reason to fear fire. Alas it took so many of them, from the fire of rage within his father to the fire that slew Maedhros.