Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards


Author: Elendiari22
Nominator: Marigold
2005 Award Category: Races/Places: Hobbits: War of the Ring

Story Type: Story : Length: Short Story
Rating: G -- Reason for Rating: N/A
Summary: In Minas Tirith, Frodo Baggins has a late-night meeting with someone very unexpected.

Reviewed by: Marigold -- Score: 7

This is such a clever and unique story! I love that Frodo was able to meet Pippin’s son. It is so sad that Frodo is not around to be Uncle to his cousins’ and Sam’s children, as Bilbo was to Frodo and the others. Perhaps he can see what happens in the Shire from the Undying Lands, and certainly he had a glimpse of some of Sam’s children, but a glimpse is not the same as actually being in the physical presence of a loved one’s child. I enjoyed Frodo’s matter of factness about the whole thing, and that he tells Pippin about it. And Pippin’s acceptance when the event happens in the future is so very Tookish! The event itself is very intriguing, like a hiccough in time. I wonder if the “faerie” blood of the Tooks has anything to do with this happening, if Faramir somehow caused it, or perhaps Frodo. Or perhaps it was a gift of the Valar. Elendiari has a wonderful imagination. She is a really enjoyable storyteller.

Reviewed by: Thundera Tiger -- Score: 5

Definitely an unexpected meeting, but a heartwarming one as well. Faramir Took was a brilliant character, with all the innocence of childhood. I love how he apologized for being in Frodo's room but didn't seem to find it odd that Frodo was there. And Frodo himself was wonderful. He seemed to take the whole thing for a dream, which I suppose is what any sane hobbit would do, but he remembered enough to be suspicious about it later. Very interesting conversation between two very unlikely people.

Reviewed by: Bodkin -- Score: 3

I do like twisted time-line meetings - and Frodo encountering Faramir is a lovely example of two people who ought to get the chance to meet. I love it that Faramir is so impressed by the apple - and that Frodo is too sleepy to be disbelieving. That, and possibly his grasp on reality is weakening. Good story.

Reviewed by: Dreamflower -- Score: 2

In Minas Tirith after the Quest, Frodo has a bit of foresight about the future. But it seems it was more than just a dream. Delightful insight into the characters, and absolutely a charming ficlet.

Reviewed by: sulriel -- Score: 2

I'm glad you found a way for those two too meet. I especially enjoyed your characterization and good balance of detail and description.