Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Dark Appetites

Author: Elena Tiriel
Nominator: Tanaqui
2006 Award Category: Races: Villains: Fixed-Length Ficlet - First Place

Story Type: Fixed-Length Ficlet : Length: True Drabble
Rating: G -- Reason for Rating: N/A
Summary: A blinded survivor of the Ring War looks forward to wreaking revenge in the future....

Reviewed by: Tanaqui -- Score: 5

This drabble is a wonderful example of how Elena Tiriel is able to get inside the minds of Tolkien's darker creations. She cleverly picks up on a single sentence in The Lord of the Rings and extrapolates from it to give us a complete picture of the long-term fate of a defeated enemy. The language proves an intense sense of Shelob's brooding malice, continued anger and her enduring hunger – and desire for revenge. (One feels the people of resettled Ithilien are in for a nasty shock some day.) Another exquisitely turned tour-de-force from this drabble specialist.

Reviewed by: SĂșlriel -- Score: 4

Like Mother, Like Daughter - again I'm reminded of one of the reasons I love Tolkien's body of works as a whole, the strength and consistancy - the completeness that runs through it all. - the differences and the similarities of Ungoliant and Shelob, that to write about Shelob's brooding malice and hunger reflects back on Ungoliant herself. It's hard not to repeat myself when I've leaving reviews for you, I start stumbling over the words of praise and get them tangled. :) - at any rate, another one well done.

Reviewed by: Dwimordene -- Score: 4

Shelob was always a wild card, serving no one but herself, really. Here we see that that independence enables her to outlast the one who would call himself her master. When Sauron falls, she can fall back upon her own strength and power, having not allowed herself to be shaped so fully by him. And so she survives, waiting for someone to fill her stomach again at last. Good job!

Reviewed by: Marta -- Score: 4

This one really sent a shiver down my spine, Elena Tiriel. Obviously the canon is that Shelob survives to trouble the new age, but you have given this survival a malice and terror that really made me think. I can just see her slinking off and nursing her wounds and remembering her past glory, turning it all into bitterness. You got into her head scarily well. Any lovers of the "bad guys" won't want to miss this one, as it is truly, delightfully wicked. Well done.

Reviewed by: elliska -- Score: 3

Holy Cow! I don't think I have ever seen this drabble and what a perfect day to read it on (Halloween). You are the master of drabbles, no doubt about that and this one certainly takes the cake for spookiness. Shelob is so scary and nasty waiting to heal enough to go feed again. Really nasty imagery in this. Yuck! I love it!

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon -- Score: 3

Some villains are just too ornery to obediently perish when defeated; and this powerful drabble shows the slow healing of one of them. The sense of great malice equaled only by great appetite is excellently conveyed.

Reviewed by: Imhiriel -- Score: 3

Brrr... I wouldn't say I'm arachnophobic normally, but this drabble might make me reconsider ;). Bravo! Your very well-chosen vocabulary paints a realistic, repulsive picture of Shelob, a truly dark creature outside as well as inside.

Reviewed by: Elen Kortirion -- Score: 3

Very chilling. It took me until almost the end to realise this was no defeated orc but Shelob who skulked in the darkness. You have caught the malice and bitter brooding beautifully.

Reviewed by: Marigold -- Score: 3

This was wonderfully creepy! This drabble really gives us insight into her brooding evil intelligence. Shelob will be even nastier once she repairs herself, and woe to anyone that comes nigh her then. She won't have failed to learn from her encounter with Sam.

Reviewed by: Lindelea -- Score: 3

Chilling, and a possible explanation of Shelob's fate. (And it leaves open the possibility of a future confrontation in the Fourth Age, with any possible combination of characters. (Gimli? Legolas? Elessar? The son of the King?) Anyone game?)

Reviewed by: Dreamflower -- Score: 2

This sent a chill down my spine. Yes, we are not told that Shelob was killed--and if not, she would definitely remain a horrible threat, there in the dark. Shudder!

Reviewed by: Bodkin -- Score: 2

Very dark and cold and evil! Yes, I cannot imagine that Sam was able to polish her off - and she would watch and wait and take whatever came her way.

Reviewed by: Larner -- Score: 2

A marvelously dark drabble in which we know Shelob's intention to one day find revenge. Just the right mood!

Reviewed by: Llinos -- Score: 2

Dark and creepy and filled with brooding evil; those words sum up both this drabble and its subject. I find myself wondering about Shelob's eventual fate. Very nice!