Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

In the Houses of Healing

Author: Elen Kortirion
Nominator: Gandalfs apprentice
2006 Award Category: Races: Men

Story Type: Other Fiction : Length: Medium Length
Rating: PG-13 -- Reason for Rating: Occasional strong language. Non-explicit references to adult themes
Summary: The badly injured Faramir has been brought to the Houses of Healing and his wounds tended by an old retainer and a beloved companion. Conversations by his sick-bed reveal part of a shared past, of destiny bringing together those fated to act upon each other's lives. Note: A somewhat AU vision of Tolkien's Middle-earth and use of non-canon events and OCs... there is no Eowyn here.

Reviewed by: annmarwalk -- Score: 8

I had read a bit of this before, just a foretaste of its power and beauty, its rich and passionate detail. This tale is like an ancient tapestry newly restored to glory, a story that has existed for thousands of years, rediscovered. The two women are fabulous: Melleth: bearer and keeper of secrets, friend, and confidante of heroes, fiercely protective of those to whom she sworn her loyalty and given her heart. The intriguing Gil-forod, female elf-Ranger, loving and beloved of Faramir, adds interest but does not overwhelm. This is not her story, but her presence is warm, a necessary comfort to Faramir as he fights his way back to life. Your descriptive skills are sublime: Faramirís various wounds, scars, his manís body viewed with an appreciative gleam by the woman who changed his clouts as a babe. An overgrown moonlit garden, scented of greenery and roses; a white fur-lined cloak, stolen to settle a debt. Each of these elements carry their own stories within them; I eagerly await the day youíll be able to tell us those stories too.

Reviewed by: Raksha the Demon -- Score: 5

Intriguing Houses of Healing AU, the only one I've seen where Eowyn apparently doesn't exist. The narrator is a woman of Numenorean descent who was nurse and guardian to Denethor's sons, and who also has ties to Aragorn's past. She and another OFC, an Elf who seems to be Faramir's "Significant Other", frantically try to heal a badly injured (worse even than in the book ROTK) Faramir when the new Steward is finally brought to the Houses. There are glimpses here of a rich history in this AU. I would like to see more of Faramir's relationship with the mysterious Elf-Ranger. Well-detailed description of the ladies' attempts to save unconscious, injured and somewhat burned Faramir.

Reviewed by: obsidianj -- Score: 4

An interesting AU tale. I like the glimpses into the life of traders and their relationship with the rangers. The narrator seems to have a very interesting past. This story is a part of a series. Since I haven't read any of the other stories, I felt a bit confused in the beginning. I had a bit trouble to figure out which female was speaking. It became clearer in the later chapters.

Reviewed by: Dreamflower -- Score: 3

As stated, this is definitely AU. I feel as though there is a good deal of backstory I am missing. Nevertheless, I am very intrigued with the OC of the "amah" or nanny/bodyguard of Faramir. And I wonder where the elf-maiden comes from. And with no Eowyn, who disposed of the W-K? I find this an interesting premise.

Reviewed by: Bodkin -- Score: 2

A most enjoyable story - I do like the amah. She is a very strong character and very resilient. I'm missing a certain amount of back story - but I'm intrigued enough to seek it out!