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Msg# 10157

check ballots over Posted by Marta August 01, 2009 - 9:23:50 Topic ID# 10157
Hey guys,

This is just to officially let you know that the "check ballots" part
of the 2009 awards is now over. From this point on, the only stories
that will be moved are WIPs if the author finishes them; all other
stories will stay where they are.

You can see a story's category and subcategory by visiting our
website. Log in to and click the "Stories"
link at the top of the page. Each story will have a line above the
summary, that begins "Award Category: ", and is followed by something
like Genres: Humor: Minas Tirith. (What exactly follows "Award
Category" will vary from story to story.)

You can use the filters at the top of the page to find other stories
in the same subcategory. In this instance, first select "Humor" from
the main category list and click "Display Selected Nominations." Then
select "Genres: Humor: Minas Tirith" from the subcategory list and
click "Display Selected Nominations" again. This will show you all the
stories in the Genres: Humor: Minas Tirith subcategory, except the
ones that you have added to your "skip" list -- so you can see at a
glance all the stories that are competing together in that
subcategory. (You can do the same thing for any other subcategory, by
varying your main category and subcategory selections.) You can of
course still use all the other ways you are accustomed to using to
find stories at the MEFA site - for instance, searching by character
or by ID #.

The next big deadline coming up is August 31. If you want to set a
reviewing goal at the MEFA website, you need to set it by this
deadline. This is also the deadline to edit any "final" reviews you
may have. On September 1 those final reviews will start showing up on
our website, and you will no longer be able to edit them.

Happy reviewing,