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Admin - Story Focus: Smaller Genres Posted by Marta August 13, 2009 - 22:05:21 Topic ID# 10177
Hey guys,

Every year some of the weekly educational posts focus not on how to do
things with the MEFAs and policy questions, but instead draw your
attention to certain types of stories. This is one of those posts. :-)
This week I'd like to draw your attention to some of the smaller genres
out there, the more specialized ones like Mystery and Crossover. If you
are interested in these stories, why not read some of the stories listed
and vote for the ones you like?



Before I get started, though, I want to say a word about AUs and
Crossovers. There's been some confusion lately because, while we do have
specialized categories for these stories, they are welcome anywhere. The
Genres: Alternate Universe category in particular is intended for
stories that fit that *genre* - where the point is to explore what might
have happened if events had happened differently, just like the point of
a Humor piece is to make you laugh or a Romance piece is to explore some

If a story isn't totally canon-compliant but the author feels it fits
better somewhere else, the author can choose something *besides* AU as
the first-choice category. Ditto for Crossovers and any other genre. And
even if a piece did select AU or Crossover or whatever as its
first-choice category choice, remember that there is no guarantee it
won't end up in one of its other category choices. For this reason, if
authors want their readers to know a piece is an AU or Crossover, they
should include a note in the summary to this effect. (I can add one if
you like; just email me at mefasupport-at-mefawards-dot-net.)

Readers: because not all AUs and Crossovers will be in those main
categories, it's important that you watch the summary. You can also
check the category *choices* (listed just above the actual category a
piece was placed in), which may give you more information about the summary.



If you see something you like listed below, you can look it up on the
MEFA website by:

--- logging in to
--- clicking the "Stories" link at the top of the list.
--- doing a search for the story ID # listed, followed by the "#" sign.

From there, you can click on the story title to read the story, or
click on the "Enter New Review" link to enter a vote.

You can also pull up all the stories that selected a certain category by:

--- logging in to
--- clicking the "Stories" link at the top of the list.
--- clicking the "Show Filter" link.
--- select the genre you want to see from the "Genre, Race, Time" menu.

This will bring up all the stories that selected the genre you select,
aside from the ones you've already chosen to skip. (This works for any
main category.)

I used this last method to compile the lists below - any errors are my
own. Now on to the fic. :-)



The following stories have "Genres: Adventure" selected as one of their
three category choices.

--- Cairistiona: (44) At Hope's Edge
--- callerofcrows: (360) Walking the Line - Book One
--- Cathleen: (510) Room for Adventure; (812) All in a Day's Work; (398)
Splish Splash
--- chaotic_binky: (482) The Warrior and the Oliphaunt Trainer
--- Dreamflower: (29) Trotter; (744) Roast Mutton
--- Dwimordene: (276) The Horn of the Kine
--- Elena Tiriel: (809) Fell and Fair
--- elfscribe: (827) Osse's Gift
--- elliska: (126) Interrupted Journeys: Journeys in Mirkwood
--- Erviniae: (528) Trouble
--- Formegil: (425) Heart of Rhun
--- Ilada'Jefiv: (489) The Blades of Eru
--- Imhiriel: (691) At the Bridge of Mitheithel
--- Indigo Bunting: (61) The River
--- Jael: (263) To Wrap an Elven Princeling
--- Jedi Sapphire: (620) A Chapter of Accidents
--- j_dav (JDE): (604) The Shadow of Light
--- Katzilla: (14) Adventures of an Eored: Sins of the Father
--- Lindelea: (168) O the Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night
--- Lothithil: (315) The Coat of Earendil
--- Marta: (2) Lake of Fire
--- MedeaSmyke: (295) The Scout and the Rider
--- Moreth: (31) Of Luthien and Huan
--- MP Brennan: (657) While Hope Lasts
--- Neoinean: (409) Greet the Dawn
--- Nosterineth: (289) Tolog Mellon
--- Peredhil lover: (280) Sacrifices of Friendship
--- Perelleth: (258) In the Woods of Ossiriand
--- Radbooks: (249) The Weather Outside is Frightful
--- Raksha the Demon: (603) Gamesmanship
--- rosethorn59: (600) He is Mine Now
--- shirebound: (108) Holding Back the Flood
--- Silivren Tinu: (488) Hunted
--- Sivan Shemesh: (752) Boiling Point
--- Starlight9: (586) Surprise
--- stefaniab: (405) Where Was Imrahil When Grond Hit the Gate?
--- Tanaqui: (674) The Hunt
--- Thundera Tiger: (492) Hunting
--- Trinilee Greenleaf: (516) The Sniffles
--- White Wolf: (621) To Risk It All



The following stories have "Genres: Alternate Universe" selected as one
of their three category choices.

--- agape4gondor: (193) My Sword trembles; (194) I Will Take It
--- alex_quine: (548) The Steward's House
--- Altariel: (467) The Age of Men; (17) The Power Behind the Throne;
(542) Not all the birds are to be trusted
--- Antane: (706) The Letter
--- Beruthiel's Cat: (324) Kill It Before It Multiplies
--- brindlemom2(Gilnaur): (314) Lost Out of Time II, The Coming Together
--- chaotic_binky: (482) The Warrior and the Oliphaunt Trainer; (464)
Sea of Pearls; (481) Glorfindel and the master of the Forest
--- Clotho123: (619) Arkenstone; (724) Where the Shadows Lie
--- dancingkatz: (447) Yet Another Thing That Never Happened to Daeron
--- Feta: (772) Flawless
--- Independence1776 (Crystal113): (580) Judgement
--- Ithilwen: (816) Change's Strange Arithmetic
--- Jael: (97) The Last Temptation of Legolas Thranduilion
--- Jaiden_S: (428) Whispers on the Wind; (466) Let Them Eat Cake
--- j_dav (JDE): (604) The Shadow of Light; (204) The Journal of
Fingolfin; (205) The Pilgrimage
--- Ladyhawk Baggins: (623) What If... Frodo and Boromir...
--- Larner: (541) Angainor
--- Linaewen: (380) Hope Stirs
--- Mirach: (392) The Song in the Darkness
--- Moreth: (416) Gathering the Heroes
--- Nath: (684) Mine
--- nau_tika: (87) The Final Sense
--- Pearl Took: (722) Darkness Reigns in the Light
--- Pink Siamese: (456) He Dreams of Love With Men; (388) Janet Goes to
--- rosethorn59: (600) He Is Mine Now; (600) He is Mine Now; (762) The
Wisdom and Folly of Chaos and Confusion
--- Sivan Shemesh: (782) His Special Child; (613) Leaving You Behind;
(664) Road Trip; (353) Elrond and Estel: Fixing Ada; (735) Broken
Spirit; (354) Fairy Tale: The Elfling Who Cried 'Orcs'; (751) Promise
Me; (355) Ellesar & Eldarion: I want to be an Elf!; (752) Boiling Point;
(356) Just a Simple Mistake; (753) Sacrifice of One; (782) His Special Child
--- Skye Rutherford (Skye): (454) Beyond the Measure of Dreams
--- SurgicalSteel: (254) Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On
--- the_arc5: (110) The Quiet Hobbit
--- Thundera tiger: (491) The Eagles Are Coming
--- weepingnaiad: (415) The Swamp on the Edge of Forever
--- whitewave: (402) The Dark Foe Wears Feanaro; (125) The Scented
Pleasure Garden



The following stories have "Genres: Crossover" selected as one of their
three category choices.

--- 20thcenturyvole: (647) Apples
--- AmandaK: (215) Strategy Meeting; (217) Women's Word
--- Arduinna: (643) CSI Goes Deep (a.k.a. The Inappropriate CSI Crossover)
--- callerofcrows: (360) Walking the Line - Book One
--- Eledhwen: (111) Through the Rain Curtain
--- Ilada'Jefiv: (489) The Blades of Eru
--- Jael: (30) A Man in Full
--- Marta: (27) Walking Down Narrow Streets
--- Moreth: (416) Gathering the Heroes
--- pandemonium_213: (49) Eau de Olorin
--- Rhapsody: (208) Forsaken Knowledge
--- rosethorn59: (762) The Wisdom and Folly of Chaos and Confusion
--- WoodElf: (737) About Time



The following stories have "Genres: Horror" selected as one of their
three category choices.

--- Aearwen: (92) Solving Old Mysteries
--- chaotic_binky: (210) Tonight, We remember the dead; (464) Sea of Pearls
--- Clotho123: (724) Where the Shadows Lie
--- Dreamdeer: (719) He Clasped Her Fast, Both Flesh and Bone
--- Dreamflower: (741) Trickles of Fear
--- ErinRua: (524) Crows
--- Gwynnyd: (820) Healing Time
--- Imhiriel: (630) From the Grey Twilight
--- Larner: (541) Angainor
--- MCat711: (465) Shattered Stone
--- Nancy Brooke: (369) Bird in God's Garden
--- NeumeIndil: (500) Hands
--- rhyselle: (150) Death in Darkness
--- Sivan Shemesh: (753) Sacrifice of One
--- Tanaqui: (7) A Shadow of Things That Might Be; (807) Homage
--- Thundera Tiger: (493) A Mirkwood Solstice
--- WendWriter: (537) The Turning of Angwe



The following stories have "Genres: Mystery" selected as one of their
three category choices.

--- Alassante: (340) A Beggar of Distinction
--- Arduinna: (643) CSI Goes Deep (a.k.a. The Inappropriate Crossover)
--- Beruthiel's Cat: (334) With or Without You; (341) Rider of Rohan
--- Cathleen: (510) Room for Adventure
--- chaotic_binky: (481) Glorfindel and the Master of the Forest
--- Eiranae: (179) There and Back Again - A Mystery
--- Elen Kortirion: (567) The Search and the Song
--- Jaiden_S: (428) Whispers of the Wind
--- Keiliss: (142) Hide Within
--- Lily: (496) The Gift of Sight
--- Linda Hoyland: (387) Mask of Virtue
--- NeumeIndil: (499) Red Striped Roses
--- SilverMoonLady: (501) As the Stars Wheeled By
--- Sivan Semesh: (613) Leaving You Behind; (751) Promise Me

Happy reading,