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Msg# 10183

reviewing odds-and-ends Posted by Marta August 30, 2009 - 21:35:55 Topic ID# 10183
Hi guys,

I'm trying to get everything ready for when the final reviews are
displayed at our site, this Tuesday. It's actually quite exciting. As
part of that, I want to address a few issues.


As I explained in my most recent Admin posts. Final reviews can't be
edited after August 31. (That's tomorrow.) I said it before, but it
bears repeating.


Reviews are of course posted to the MEFA website
(, but in addition to that we have in the
past posted them somewhere else that can be sent to our members without
them logging in to the website. Usually that meant this Yahoo group.
I've been discussing this issue with the other volunteers, trying to
strike the proper balance between reminding people that MEFA reviews are
available and flooding everyone's inbox.

To help us make the best decision, I've set up a poll. It will run for a
week. Basically it asks two things: whether reviews needed to be posted
somewhere other than that main MEFA website, and where you'd most like
to see them posted. The poll is here:

(non-LJ members, never fear: while LJ won't let you vote in a poll, you
can let me know your preference by commenting with how you would have

Starting Tuesday, annmarwalk will post the reviews to the mefas LJ
community, and once a week she will also make a post here with links to
those LJ posts. This will allow those who want to read the reviews
outside the MEFA website to do so, without emailing them out to
everyone. The poll will run for a week until Sunday Sept. 6. If the poll
indicates that a majority want us to do something different, we'll
consider changing things at that point.


To date, there are over 900 final reviews in this year's competition.
That's just too many for me or any of the other volunteers to read them
all, and doesn't even include the hidden reviews and the reviews still
to be entered. This is an area in which we depend on all of your help.

If you are reading reviews and see a review tha tyou think does
something that is against MEFA rules in some way, please email me about
it. You should email me at mefasupport-at-mefawards-dot-net, and include
the header of the review (the lines above the actual review indicating
the story and reviewer) as well as an explanation of what you think is


Promoters: I have a special announcement for you that I will be sending
out tomorrow about reviews now being available at the MEFA website.
Please be on the lookout for it.

That's all I have, and (hopefully) the last you'll hear from me until
after reviews are posted next week. :-)