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Msg# 10376

ADMIN - 2010 awards to begin TONIGHT + final call for volunteers Posted by telperion1 May 14, 2010 - 14:40:46 Topic ID# 10376
Hey guys,

The 2010 Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards begin at 12:01 AM GMT on May 15.
What exactly that means for you varies depending on where you live. For
instance, here in New York (U.S.A.) the awards start at 8 PM. To find the
exact time the awards start, use the website, and
convert "12:01 AM GMT, May 15" into your local time zone.

At 12:01 AM you can start nominating stories. To do so, log in to

and click the link either to nominate a story (where someone else is the
author) or to self-nominate a story (where you are the author). As in
previous years you can nominate up to twenty pieces.

To review some eligibility concerns:

1. Stories are only eligible once as a completed story, and once more as a
WIP. Before nominating, check that the story hasn't competed in the past:

--- For previous years' nominations, check
--- For stories already nominated this year, click the "Stories" link within
the MEFA2010 site itself.

If the story was nominated before, you may lose your nomination.

2. Stories need to be publicly accessible. You need to have a site you can
point to, that doesn't require people to log in to that website in order to
read the story. If you mistype the URL, or if it doesn't let everyone read
the story, you will lose your nomination.

3. For stories posted on more than one page, there needs to be a way to get
from page to page. The most common way to do this is either by linking to a
"table of contents" (that offers a link to each page), or by providing a
link to the previous and next page in the story.

4. Stories must meet either our General, Teen, or Mature ratings to be
eligible to compete. This doesn't mean a story can't be rated NC17 or Adult
*at its archive*. Different sites have different criteria. But you will want
to read our ratings guidelines and make sure that it meets *our*
requirements for General, Teen, or Mature before you nominate it.

For more info:


You will find lots of little changes at the new site, but two bear

1. Acceptance Emails. Authors no longer are required to email their liaisons
that they accept the nomination, or that they are done with the form.

--- When you begin working on the form we assume you accept the nomination.
(You are still encouraged to email in if you won't begin the form right
away, so we know you have received the email.)
---- At the bottom of the form, there is a checkbox you select to say you
are finished with the form. You should click this in addition to setting the
status to "Author Satisfied with Form." But you do *not* have to email your
liaison to let him or her know that you are done with it.

2. Alternate URLs. In previous years web sites have become unavailable in
the middle of the MEFAs. This obviously puts some authors at a disadvantage.
To help with this, we are encouraging (not requiring) all authors to include
an alternate URL. In the case that a site goes down, we will change your
primary URL to the alternate one for you. However, it is *very important*
that you check that these alternate URLs are correct; your liaison won't
check them for you, and it's your responsibility to make sure they work.
Alternate URLs are optional, but if you choose not to include one, it's up
to you to get in touch with us if the site where your story is hosted, goes


Also: if you are still interested in volunteering, we need the following:

1. A Welcome Manager. Essentially you would send a quick email to all new
members other than authors, welcoming them to the site and answering any
questions they had. You can pass on any questions you aren't sure of to me.
The purpose of this is to give new members someone to go to with their
problems. Think of it like a liaison for non-authors. *g*

2. Banner Makers. Our banner coordinator, Neume Indil, is getting things
organized and we will soon have some banners for nominees available. If you
haven't volunteered yet but want to make banners, let me know.

3. Promoters. If you know of a group not receiving announcements from the
MEFAs, and would like to make announcements there, let me know. You can find
a list of the sites already receiving announcements at:

If you're interested in helping out in any of these ways, shoot me an email


Marta (MEFA Admin.)