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Msg# 10823

2010 MEFA site unavailable after March 24 Posted by Marta March 15, 2011 - 7:02:49 Topic ID# 10823
Hey guys,

We're moving the MEFAs to a new service-provider. The reasons for this move
are technical, having to do mostly with better site security and some
features the new service-provider offers that will help develop our site.

What does this mean for you?

First, there will be a few days when links to any "" page will
get you an error message. This is unavoidable, and there's nothing we can
really do to hurry it along. The interwebz just needs a little time to
connect "" with the new server where our site will
be living.

After that, the 2010 website will still not be available. It takes a good
amount of work to get that site up and running again, and since the 2010
awards has been over for several months now we're just not going to set up
the 2010 site on the new server. (We'd rather spend our time making the 2011
site as good as possible.) We'll start fresh for 2011, with a brand new site
Aranel has been toiling away on. It's actually quite something and think you
all will enjoy it. But the 2010 version of the site - along with your wish
lists, reviews, and so on - won't be accessible after March 24, though much
of that information will eventually be added to the archive and can be
accessed there once we get the archive updated.

So if you want access to your wish list, your stories' reviews, or anything
of the sort, you need to somehow get that information so you won't have to
log into our website to get it. There are lots of ways to do this, and it's
really up to you to figure out what will work best. Here's the method I use:

--- Go to the page of our website you want to access after March 24.
--- Save the webpage. (Control-S or Command-S in most browsers/OS's.)
--- Select "Web Page-HTML Only" as your file type. This will allow you to
save just the main page and not any graphics or other associated files.
--- Save this file somewhere you will remember - your Documents, Desktop, or

Then whenever you need to view what was previously our web site. Simply
double-click on the file you saved and this should open it in your default
web browser. If that doesn't work just open a blank tab/window in any
browser, and open the file (Control-O or Command-O in most browsers/OS's).
This essentially creates a "snap-shot" of our webpage that you can open,
even when our actual webpage isn't online anymore. It only saves the page
that was displayed to you at the time you saved it, so you will need to do
this for each page you want saved.

Of course there are other methods if you prefer - do whatever works best for

If you have any questions about this feel free to let me know. I hope it
won't impact too many people.


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