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Titles suggested so far Posted by Ainaechoiriel February 08, 2005 - 15:59:14 Topic ID# 3424
Here's teh list we have so far, this does not include "leave them as they
are". They are in no particular order. Categories are marked with * so
they're easier to see:

Shelob's Lair
Mines of Moria
Paths of the Dead
Dead Marshes
King of the Dead
Houseless Ones

Eye of Sauron
Wolves of Isengard
Balrog of Morgoth

Palantir (? where did we put this one?)

Lonely Mountain
The Iron Hills
Blue Mountains
Thranduil's halls
Mount Gundabad
The Thorin Oakenshield and Company Award
1) The Durin the Deathless Award
2) The Thorin Oakenshield Award
3) The Gimli Son of Gloin Award

1) The Numenor Award
2) The Gondor and Arnor Award
3) The Riddermark Award
Or even:
1) The Gondor Award
2) The Riddermark Award
3) The Harad Award

1) The Galadriel Award
2) The Elrond Half-elven Award
3) The Cirdan Award

*The Hobbit
Beorn's House
The Misty Mountains

The Thain of the Great Smials
order: Thain, Master, Mayor

1) The Legolas and Gimli Award
2) The Gandalf and Bilbo Award
3) The Merry and Eowyn Award (or possibly the Pippin and Beregond award)
Thingol and Melian
Beren and Luthien

1. The Merry and Pippin Award
2. The Ents of Fangorn Award
3. The Gimli son of Gloin Award

1st: The Aragorn and Arwen Award
2nd: The Faramir and Eowyn Award
3rd: The Sam and Rosie Award
Thingol and Melian

Dead Marshes
1) The Entwives Award
2) The Palantiri Award
3) The Pukel-men Award

Van Helsing
Moulin Rouge
Kingdom of Heaven
National Treasure
Master and Commander

*Alternate Universe
1. The Boromir Lives Award
2. The Faramir Goes to Rivendell Award
3. The Frodo Dies in Mordor Award
Boromir Lives
Tenth Walker

(FotR) 1. The "Arwen Steals Asfaloth" Award
1. The "Let's Skip the Old Forest" Award
(TTT) 2. The "Elves at Helm's Deep" Award
2. The "evil!Faramir" Award
2. The "Aragorn Dies" Award
(RotK) *sigh*... entirely too many here...
1. The "Denethor's Missing Palantir" Award
2. The "Retaking Osgiliath" Award
3. The "Go Home, Sam" Award
4. The "Legolas vs. the Mumak" Award
5. The "Arwen Dies" Award
6. The "Merry at the Black Gate" Award
7. The "Scouring? What Scouring?" Award
Disappearance of the Grey Company
What happened to Halbarad?
1) Arwen at the Fords
2) Elves at Helms Deep
3) Going to Osgiliath
Osgiliath is Overrun

Red Book of Westmarch
Translations from the Elvish
There and Back Again
The Library of Imladris Award
The Scrolls of Orthanc Award
The Archives of Minas Tirith Award

*Post-Ring War
1. The Shire Award
2. The Fangorn Award
3. The Druedain Forest Award
Or maybe three Elves that stayed into the Fourth Age?
1. The Celeborn Award
2. The Legolas Award
3. The Elrohir and Elladan Award
Or maybe three areas that saw piece in the Fourth Age?
1. The Ithilien Award
2. The Mordor Award
3. The Breeland Award
Or how about the *sons* of Aragorn, Faramir, and Eomer?
1. The Eldarion Award
2. The Elboron Award
3. The Elfwine Award


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