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Genres: Crossover, Check Ballot #2 Posted by Ainaechoiriel June 08, 2005 - 0:25:51 Topic ID# 4586
Jerusalem (658): Amarie
PG, Reason for Rating: suicidal thoughts
Romance Partners: n/a
A solitary elf wanders the world long after his kindred are gone into the
West. Bereft and without hope, he finds the greatest Hope of all.

Unexpected Party, An (150): Azalais
G, Reason for Rating: N/A
Romance Partners: N/A
An eleventy-first birthday tribute to Professor J.R.R. Tolkien. Waking from
a doze in the snug of his favourite Oxford pub, the Professor finds he has
been joined unexpectedly by a few old friends.

Gimli and Boromir Strike Back (1069): Boromir Defender
PG, Reason for Rating: Minor language and battle.
Romance Partners: N/A
Tired of being abused by Sues and their authors, Gimli and Boromir decide
that for once they will get revenge.

A GIFT FOR FRODO (909): Dreamflower
G, Reason for Rating: n/a
Romance Partners: N/A
A very well done crossover featuring Frodo and a certain famous dog from
television past. Crossover is LOTR and "Lassie"

The Shadow of an Image (732): Finch
G, Reason for Rating: n/a
Romance Partners: n/a
Maglor meets Aristotle.

The Hound Of The Bagginses (766): grey_wonderer
PG-13, Reason for Rating: The author did not put a rating that I know of,
but I suggest PG-13 due to an encounter between Merry and Lobelia.
Romance Partners: Merry/Lobelia, Pippin/Diamond
The story borrows from both JRR Tolkien and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and takes
some of its plot elements from “A Study in Scarlet” and “The Hound Of The
Baskerville’s” by A. Conan Doyle.

Equinoxium (83): Lisette
PG-13, Reason for Rating: Violence
Romance Partners: N/A
BtVS.LoTR – For the Powers That Be, the Balance is the Key and the Slayer is
their tool. As such, they will do anything to restore the Balance on one
world and retain it on another - no matter the cost.

Magnetic Force (1097): Marnie
G, Reason for Rating: n/a
Romance Partners: n/a
Rivendell always was a hidden valley, so how can we know it no longer
exists? This is a strange blend of Fortean Times meets Middle Earth, and I
would appreciate advice as to whether it works or not. :)

The One and True Dark Lord (358): Werecat
PG, Reason for Rating: disturbing images
Romance Partners: n/a
Morgoth is exiled in the void after being banned from Arda. One day, he
finds himself in the company of the most peculiar individual. AU, of course.
A Silmarillion/Harry Potter crossover. Seriously.

SubCategory: Genres: Crossovers: Poetry

Forest of Mirkwood, The (121): Arandil
G, Reason for Rating: N/A
Romance Partners: N/A
How would one describe Mirkwood? It all depends on your POV. (In the style
of Dr. Seuss.)

The Queen and her Pussycats Went to Sea (726): Fileg
G, Reason for Rating: n/a
Romance Partners: n/a
Queen Beruthiel and her cats, with apologies to Edward Lear.

The Council of Elrond (900): Lindelea
G, Reason for Rating: N/A
Romance Partners: N/A
A Serious Scholarly Work, an Endeavor to cast this Great Event into Poetry
and shorten its Length for the sake of the Gentle Reader. (With apologies to
Lewis Carroll)

Water and Flame (966): Marta
PG, Reason for Rating: adult themes
Romance Partners: n/a
Denethor looks into the palantir and sees Gondor's destruction. In the form
of Robert Frost's "Fire and Ice".

Where Now the Rider? (968): Marta
G, Reason for Rating: n/a
Romance Partners: n/a
An adaptation of Tolkien's "Where Now the Rider?" poem to HaTikvah, the
Israeli national anthem.

Palantír (546): Tanaqui
G, Reason for Rating: n/a
Romance Partners: n/a
Denethor's relationship with the palantír of Minas Tirith from a different
perspective. Based on the form of Sylvia Plath's "Mirror".

Council of Elrond in the Style of Hiawatha, The (559): Theresa Green
G, Reason for Rating: n/a
Romance Partners: n/a
Find out what would have happened if Tolkien had collaborated with
Longfellow. Warning: mild swearing, and I don't just mean from the people
reading it

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