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Msg# 5076

Links in new windows or reusing windows Posted by Anthony Holder August 17, 2005 - 0:27:27 Topic ID# 5076
Hey all,

Lin has been asking questions about whether the MEFA2005 site should
open new windows or re-use existing windows.

On my system it opens reviews and author reviews in a new window. I use
the target="_blank" code, which works great. (BTW, I noticed a few
instances that used the wrong code for this, and have sent a fix to
Ainae, but they are not for reviews in any case.) It may be that your
browser has overridden this HTML behavior.

If you use Internet Explorer, you may have to right-click and choose
'open in a new window.' I think ctrl-clicking *may* automatically open
in a new window, but I can't remember, because I hardly ever use IE any
more. Ctrl-N will clone the current window. You can do that, then click
on the one you want if it's not opening a new window.

For those of you who use a tabbed browser (Safari or Mozilla/Firefox),
you may prefer to use tabs.

Personally, I like tabbed browsers. With Firefox, if you ctrl-click a
link, it automatically opens in a new tab, saving a menu choice. On my
Mac, holding down command will override the target="_blank" code, and
create a new tab instead.

Safari lets you choose new window/tab in front/back, by holding
command, option and/or shift when you click, tells you exactly what it
is going to do in the status bar before you click, and lets you
override the _blank code.

Experiment a little and find out what you like.

Also, remember that the site has a 2-hour limit on a session, so you
can only take so long writing that review.

You can, however, use the back button, or at least I can in Safari and
Firefox on MacOS X.

Try this: Open a review for editing, set it to draft, and write the
first bit. Then save, and hit back. It'll bring you back to the review,
and you can continue editing, hitting save and back as you go, until
you're done. When you're done, you can hit save, and then back twice to
get to your filters. (Or close the window/tab if it opened a new one.)
Eventually, this might fail due to the 2-hr session limit, but at least
you'll have saved your intermediate copy.

I have used this many times while I've been developing with no ill
effects. The only bad thing would be if you had two windows open
editing the same review, or otherwise are editing something that has
changed in the database, and doing reviews this way won't be a problem.

As far as Lin's most recent issue with the back button not working, it
is possible that the code fix I just sent to Ainae could fix that, but
I'm not really sure what's causing it, so I don't know.