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Reviews Final as of 8/17/2005 part 1 Posted by Ainaechoiriel August 17, 2005 - 22:39:28 Topic ID# 5085
Title: Weapons Against The Enemy <> .
Author: Nancy
5> Brooke . Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: Rivendell . ID: 631
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 11:59:27 Score: 4
What a wonderful and delightful surprise to find this gem in this long list
of stories. Your writing is engaging and active, your descriptions balanced,
the humor just a pinch over subtle. I love your description of Glorfindel's
laugh, if thunder could be made of sunshine, and i especially was touched by
what he said about Asfaloth being a mighty warrior in his own right.
Overall, an enjoyable and touching view of an evening in the Hall of Fire.

Title: The Highwayman
<> . Author: ErinRua
7> . Genres: Humor . ID: 330
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:12:38 Score: 3
A brillant and refreshing bit of original work set not-quite firmly in
Tolkien's Middle-earth. This is a most excellent example of the best of what
fanfiction can be, fun and entertaining. I somehow stumbled on this gem
early in my fanfic reading and it has remained one of my favorites as time

Title: All
<> Hallows'
Day . Author: Marnie
5> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War . ID: 317
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:13:05 Score: 3
Chilling and heart breaking and beautiful all in one chapter. Wonderfully in
character. This is an amazing glimpse through the ages, from the depths of
time to current day. This is what JRR Tolkien intended when he set out to
map the mythologies, that we should be able to tie them in to our modern

Title: Handmaiden of
<> Lorien . Author:
5> . Races/Places: Cross-Cultural . ID: 316
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:13:58 Score: 2
As always, your talent for characterization and your strengths in being able
to see the 'other side' of an issue come through clearly in this unique

Title: Winter
<> Encounters
. Author: jastaelf
> . Races/Places: Elves: Mirkwood . ID: 294
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:14:28 Score: 2
What a beautiful meeting between two old crusties. . You have a wonderful,
balanced attention to detail, and a special way of looking at the stark
truth with a hint of humor underneath.

Title: The Scruff
<> Factor . Author:
> . Genres: Humor: Aragorn . ID: 293
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:18:58 Score: 3
This is one of my all-time favorites, that I re-read often, I've passed this
link to many of my friends. Your characterizations of the Dunedain and
Princelings, both Elf and Peredhil are priceless, your descriptions are
exquisite and delicious. I was glad to see this one finished, at long last.

Title: A <>
Long Tradition of Ancient Lore . Author: Elena
7> Tiriel . Races/Places: Gondor: Pre-Quest Drabbles . ID: 206
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:19:40 Score: 2
I don't read a much Faramir and even less Denethor, but this captured
perfectly my own sons. No desire for dry history, but throw in a hero and a
dragon, or a viking or an indian and suddenly it is fun.

Title: Ambush
<> in
Ithilien . Author: Elena
7> Tiriel . Genres: Drama (includes Angst): Gondor Drabble . ID: 204
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:20:47 Score: 2
So heartbreaking, this brief glimpse into history. How terribly tragic. I'm
struck again by the depth of what JRR Tolkien gave us, that something so
rich could come from the tidbits of his histories.

Title: There
<> and Back
Again . Author: Elena
7> Tiriel . Races/Places: Cross-Cultural: Drabble . ID: 202
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:23:55 Score: 2
"A hint of longing" ... isn't that what we all feel for those long-ago days.
Are we so far removed from Middle-earth? I think not. This Wizard and Dwarf,
and Hobbit, are too close to our own hearts not to be real.

Title: Earth
<> and Sky .
Author: Elena
7> Tiriel . Races/Places: Cross-Cultural: Drabble . ID: 201
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:26:53 Score: 2
The beginings of a truely ever-lasting friendship, tested by fire and
standing through the ages. We should all be so blessed.

Title: Alas,
<> Poor
Ufthak! . Author: Elena
7> Tiriel . Races/Places: Villains: Drabble . ID: 200
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:27:25 Score: 2
Oh! This is so wonderfully, delightfully nasty and Orchish. Isn't it
frightening to think that they were once Elves, that there may be something
of an Orchish nature lurking in the best of us?

Title: Triumph
<> Incarnate
. Author: Elena
7> Tiriel . Races/Places: Villains: Drabble . ID: 198
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:28:31 Score: 2
How wonderfully evil. You slipped too easily into Sauron's mind for this
one. very, very scary. (did I mention "very scary?") remind me to
run-away-fast if I ever see you sneer.!

Title: Silver
<> and Gold .
Author: Elena
7> Tiriel . Genres: Romance: Drabble . ID: 196
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:29:01 Score: 2
A beautiful double drabble about one of Middle-earth's most beloved couples.
Will they or won't they? This gives a satisfactory 'final answer' to that
seemingly eternal question.

Title: A <>
Long, Unexpected Drabble . Author: Elena
7> Tiriel . Genres: Humor: Metafic . ID: 193
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-11 22:30:51 Score: 5
This drabble is just so much fun, I find myself giggling and rereading it
each time I see it. It is so typical of the obsessive drabbler, I think we
can all see ourselves in the place of the author, trying to figure out the
very special words that will put the specific meaning in the correct word
count. What's canon, what's acceptable, what is not. ... what we can force
in anyway(!). Now I must go off to research chocolate cake, but I'm sure
that Hobbits wouldn't be without something so divine.

Title: Bearer of Bad
<> Tidings .
Author: LOTR_lover
4> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Aman . ID: 12
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-12 08:49:52 Score: 10
I have read a lot of pieces about the Ring-bearers' ship as it approaches
Valinor. Stories about every possible combination between the hobbits,
wizard, and various elves on-board. The kind of interaction you usually find
in these stories touches me particularly because of some things in my
off-line life, but I also love interactions between characters of different
races and cultures, which this setting seems to encourage.

And in stories like this (ones dealing with Elrond, at least), Glorfindel or
some other elf of Rivendell usually helps Elrond deal with the burden of
what he is about to face when he finally reaches Elvenhome. This story does
something that I've seen less of: Elrond receives wisdom from Galadriel. I
know that I often forget that Elrond wasn't the only one bringing Celebrian
bad news. Galadriel was her mother, after all, and Galadriel would have also
been there at Arwen's wedding.

The really innovative thing about this jewel, though, is that the author
doesn't try to address the question of "How the heck am I [Elrond] going to
tell Celebrian about this?" It just recognizes that the problem exists.
Galadriel puts it well: "Arwen has made her choice. Now you have a choice of
your own." In the end, grief is so fundamentally emotional rather than
logical, it's extremely difficult to put it into words without cheapening
the experience. I'm relieved the author didn't try, as I'm not sure anyone
could do it well. I'm not convinced that it *can* be done well.

The other thing I loved so much about this story is that it doesn't descend
into angst. We all know that Elrond and Celebrian have a long road before
them, and a painful road at that, but for the moment at least the author
lets them exist in the moment, and be happy.

Title: Gathering the
<> Pieces .
Author: Tehta
5> . Races/Places: Elves: First Age . ID: 13
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-12 10:34:57 Score: 6
The author of this story says in her summary that this is a
Maedhros-sans-hand story that is "darker than most", but when I began
reading this, I think I expected it to be a little more personal. Personal
can be dark, and most post-Thangorodrim stories seem to dwell on the
personal aspect of things.

The way Maedhros kept thinking about how he was going to consolidate support
seemed very believable for him. I also liked how he used even his own
struggles (re-learning how to use the sword, but left-handed) to torment
others (Fingon) as very telling about what his personality might have been
like. This was a nice little gap-filler about a section of history that in
Tolkien's version had failed to really grab my interest.

Title: Greenery <>
. Author: Forodwaith
> . Books/Time: Post-Ring War: Gondor . ID: 14
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-12 11:33:39 Score: 5
I'm a sucker for original characters, especially "common" ones, that is
non-nobility. When I write a story it's more for the interesting situation I
get to explore rather than because I find a particular situation appealing,
rather than that I'm interested in a certain character. And this was a good
story with an OC! Helin was funny and down-to-earth, and I found myself
meeting Arwen through her eyes. Like all of Forodwaith's stories it was well
told. I do love these little snapshots into other people's lives.

Title: Thread of
<> Fate . Author:
> . Genres: Romance: Rivendell . ID: 15
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-12 13:52:37 Score: 9
I've read several pieces that deal with Arwen's weaving the standard, and
this is one of the best on that theme I've come across. I couldn't help
comparing it to Dwimordene's "Standards" as I read it, and both of these
pieces are good in their own right. But whereas "Standards" seemed to focus
more on Arwen's musings, the driving force behind "Thread of Fate" is
Arwen's actions. The cutting of diamond, the infusing of the hair, all of
that has some sort of symbolic or emotional significance, but it's still an
action. This made for a very different read. (Not better or worse, just
different, but I liked it nonetheless.)

I did have one quibble about the fact that Elrond completely did not discuss
Arwen's choice with her. I can see her discussing it *at one point* when the
choice was first made, and then going silent. But not totally refusing to
discuss it. He'd need to understand why Arwen was choosing mortality, to
explain it to Celebrian at the very least. (poor, poor Celebrian, just
having this sprung on her when Elrond reaches Valinor! But that's a
different topic...)

Anyway, I loved this story. Especially the revelation by Arwen that she may
not finish in time. That seems like a very mortal thought for an Elf. Nice

Title: Leavetaking
<> . Author:
> . Genres: Drama (includes Angst): Drabble . ID: 16
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-12 14:04:21 Score: 3
Interesting look at the final parting of GIlraen and Elrond. Of course it
had to happen, but I had never really thought out what form it would take. I
especially like the insight that either Elrond or Gilraen would lose their
child - Elrond would lose Arwen forever to the doom of men, or Gilraen would
lose Aragorn to death if he did not succeed.

Title: Cunning Gold <> . Author:
8> . Books/Time: The Silmarillion: Gondolin . ID: 28
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-12 14:32:38 Score: 2
Oh, interesting! I'd never read the Silm quote that this vignette is based
on, but the one presented here certainly makes as much sense as anything I
could dream up.

Title: About <> Men . Author: Lyllyn
8> . Books/Time: The Lord of The Rings: The Shire . ID: 29
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-12 14:48:44 Score: 2
Interesting view of Men, here, and effective way of showing how that view
might have evolved in light of new experiences. It makes me wonder how rocky
a marriage Merry and Estella had there at the start.

Title: Alqualonde <>
. Author: Joan
0> Milligan . Books/Time: The Silmarillion: Feanor and Sons . ID: 36
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-13 10:57:33 Score: 10
Wow. After I finished reading this story, that was the one word that kept
racing through my mind: wow. This is the story that first introduced me to
Silmarillion-based fanfiction, and as far as I'm concerned it has to be one
of the best stories in the fandom. Maybe that's because of when I read it...
I think I had just found HASA, coming from, and I was browsing
through the archive alphabetically by title. However I found it I was
completely and totally blown away.

When I was rereading it for these awards, I was really impressed by the
first line of the story: "The thing he knew would haunt him all his days was
the smell of it all." This reminded me of Sergeant Jones, a teacher I had in
high school for a course on American warfare in the twentieth century. He
was a Vietnam veteran himself, the son of a man killed at D-day, and "Saving
Private Ryan" was just coming out that year. One of his comments that stayed
with me was that the *only* way that movie could have been more realistic
was if you could somehow have smelled the scenes.

Now, maybe I have an overactive imagination, but I came away from this tiny
little piece with the same image. I could see the crumbling walls, the
ships, the swans, the crawling ivy... and I coud *smell* it, too. It almost
made me physically sick.

Besides that, you've done a truly masterful job in picking your narrator.
The choice of Maglor is perfect. The theme of peace not making good
narrative (a nice reference to "The Hobbit", at least for me) made me wonder
how other soldier-bards handled the violence. Did Elrond perhaps find it
easier to deal with carnage, knowing that he would be able to immortalize it
in song? Maybe "immortalize" is the wrong word, because such songs aren't
really written for sharing, but I'm sure you'll know what I mean.

Rereading this thing makes me want to write a companion piece to it, about
Maedhros' reaction to hearing Maglor call the Kinslaying "magnificent".
Magnificent! I can certainly see why Maglor would see it that way, but I'd
love to really delve into how Maedhros might react to such a statement.

Title: Last Hero <>
. Author: Joan
0> Milligan . Races/Places: Rohan . ID: 37
Reviewer: Marta
> . 2005-04-13 12:39:38 Score: 3
Reading this story and "Alqualonde", I have to wonder whether the author has
been involved in some kind of battle. She describes it with such depth, and
really nails the confusion I imagine would pervade such a situation. This
story was very well done, and really evoked an Eomer I wish would rear his
head more often in fanfic.

Title: No <> Other Choice .
Author: LadyAranel
1> . Races/Places: Cross-Cultural: Drabble . ID: 456
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-13 16:32:11 Score: 2
No other choice indeed, but for these two old enemies to get along, little
knowing how close their sons will become. Great job with the balance of
tension and subtle humor.

Title: Ties That Bind <> .
Author: LadyAranel
1> . Books/Time: Gap-Filler: Drabble . ID: 457
Reviewer: sulriel
. 2005-04-13 16:34:54 Score: 2
you put a lot of emotion in so few words. we wonder for a moment if Legolas
is in danger of his grief. he is hurt, as Aragorn asks, -in his heart, where
an Elf is so fragile, but he continues on.

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